The ducktail beard is a very appealing way to style your facial hair. Originating in the 40s, barber Joe Cirello was the first to invent this stylish beard. It then became a bold fashion statement in the 50s and it is still worn to this day! Celebrities with Ducktail Beard

A lot of celebrities over the years wear/wore this fancy beard. Such as Jason Momoa and Brad Pitt. Even though it is pretty easy to achieve at the barber or even at home, the main issue is maintaining it and grooming it. Read on to learn our tips and tricks for the ducktail beard.

Beard preparation and shaping

Like most beards, the ducktail beard has three main lengths. These lengths are short, medium, and long. Each can be achieved a little differently depending on how much length you remove from the original cut.

In order to get your beard in that shape, there are some steps to follow first.

Preparation stage

  • Thoroughly wash and condition your beard with the beard shampoo of your choice.
  • Comb through your beard to clear of any knots, yet this should be easy if you used conditioner.
  • After it’s smooth make sure to dry it with an air dryer or using a towel. Make sure you use a towel that is not rigid to avoid knotting it again.

Shaping stage

Now that it is ready to be shaped grab a pair of beard trimming scissors and get ready. You will gently work your way down from your ear lobes to the chin. As you trim downwards you will notice the perfect ducktail beard shape forming. Trim more depending on how short you would want your beard to be.

Clean around, such as your neck, in order to avoid any excess hair that is not needed there. The downwards triangular shape means you have achieved the perfect ducktail look.

Maintaining and grooming

Now that you have your desired beard how do you maintain it and groom it?

If you don’t already, make sure you start implementing this beard care routine. Special oils, combs, and shampoos for beards help grow a study and voluminous beard. Massage your beard with the special oils every night and make sure to comb gently in the morning and before bed.

Many men have fast-growing beards and if that is not your goal make sure to give it a little trim at the end of every week to maintain your beautiful ducktail. Make sure to shape it regularly since beards grow wildly and not in the shape you assigned it to. Have a well-groomed beard that looks tidy and clean instead of messy and frizzy.

Keeping a well-groomed beard may be a lot of work yet very necessary and worth it! Make sure to follow the steps listed and you will look fresh and elegant in no time. This beard can go well with any look such as a professional look or even a hippie look. Casual and fancy. Now that you have achieved this beard go enjoy it with style!

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