The chevron mustache is a chic retro style for a man’s mustache. This old-style mustache came back into style recently with loads of influential men wearing it.  A man’s facial hair can be an important feature if done right. Dating back to older times the Chevron Mustache was a must in order to look like a man in power. Or even better a desirable man. Does this still have an effect now? Believe it or not, yes! Thus bringing back this old facial accessory. This article will teach you the origins of this attractive mustache and several types of it as well.

The Chevron Mustache origin and facts

A lot of actors, singers, and leaders wore this mustache with pride but when did it really become popular? In the year  1980, the Chevron Mustache really took off as a popular facial style. Actor Tom Selleck really gave it its popularity as many other people started rocking this same stache. Popular shows, such as Stranger Things, feature this exact mustache. David Harbour had that exact stache. He plays Jim Hopper in Stranger Things portrayed in the 80s in order to make sure the facial style is accurate that facial style was given. Actors such as James Franco, Brad Pitt, and even Henry Cavill still wear it nowadays from time to time.

Even if it sounds like a simple mustache to achieve there are actually loads of ways to style it. And here is a list of our all-time favorites:

The Walrus

Being one of the oldest types and seen in most of the old paintings the walrus describes exactly what they state. Similar to the aquatic animal this shape of mustache is very thick and full of volume. Giving a bold statement of leadership and wiseness.


The Pencil

Basically the exact opposite of the walrus. A pencil-thin shape, like a straight line, across the upper lip. Looking very sophisticated and fancy. Well-groomed gentleman of the late 30s wearing these mustaches to show their elegant presence.

The Handlebar

Similar to the handlebars of a bicycle this mustache descends a little from each side of the mouth to its corners. Then with a little twist, the ends are shaped into a slight curl. Once again a more royal statement this time. Fancy and appealing to the eyes. If interested, follow a step by step guide on how to Grow a Handlebar Mustache fast.


The Horseshoe

A more manly man of the old west look! Here comes the horseshoe. With this style, you will be guaranteed to look like a man with authority. Old sheriffs in western movies always wore these types of horse-shoe like mustaches. With a thick southern accent and a cowboy hat, you can fit this look perfectly.



The Chevron Mustache date back to years before this one but really just got recognized in the 80s. It seems that a lot of men want to achieve this look again. WIth easy YouTube tutorials or even the right barber, you can also wear this amazing vintage stache with ease. Pick your favorite from our list and get this stylish mustache going!

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