If you’re a beard sporting man (and let’s face it, these days, you probably are), you might have considered adding to your repertoire a bit of beard oil. After all, what would impress the ladies more than a finely manicured and shiny beard, smelling of subtle hints of cedar and frankincense (what the hell is that?). We here at HisPotion had the same idea, and decided to give this thing a whirl. The fine folks over at Detroit Grooming Co. were happy to accommodate our wish, and sent over this nice little sampler kit of five different oils:


Everyone Loves a Lumberjack

A buddy of mine and I took these beakers out for a test drive and tried them out on our beards for the first time. Neither of us had any beard oil experience, so we didn’t know what to expect. We massaged them into our faces and combed the glistening result down carefully. It made them a little bit more manageable and well behaved, which was nice. Sometimes beards don’t like to stay combed down.

The five flavors all seem to be some sort of variant of woodsy scent, reminiscent of cutting down trees in the forest and coming home to your log cabin after a long day of manly physical labor. Not the worst association. On the downside, some of the smells come on a bit too strong and sweet, and it might not be for everyone. I found several I thought were nice, like the Cedar Springs and Corktown. However, my friend was somewhat more judgmental and found all of them not to his liking. To be fair, we went out later that night and I think he got more than his share of female attention. Must be the aroma of Orchard Lake.

Check out some of the shiny evidence:

img2 img3

In conclusion, beard oils are an interesting new flair to add to a budding hipster’s collection. Some women respect a man who respects his beard. Others might find him in dire need of a shave. Women are a mystery. Anyway, before I digress too far, consider trying out some beard oils if you get a chance. The wares of Detroit Grooming Co. might be a good place to start, if you’re seeking the manly down-with-nature feel and want to smell like a camping trip.

Shine on, you crazy bearded diamonds!


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