Suunto Essential Collection Molds Together Sports And Tech

Looking for quasi-smartwatch tech along with actual strength and durability of the material? Then maybe the new Suunto Essential Collection is something you could throw your eyes on as it really fits into requirements. Taglined “The Heritage of Adventure”, this sport watch line comes in six different colorways. Among them, copper, gold, steel and carbon are included. Each of them shines and reflects light distinctively, for an actual unique look on the wrist. Suunto got together a long list of features which were … continue reading

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Muro Sneakers Provide A Lasting Impression

Inspired by the very base of our existence, the atom, Muro Sneakers mix long lines and beautiful colors into a classy product. They reveal the purity and versatility of transitional metals while ensuring a long term, hard-wearing pair of shoes. Muro shoes com in two main collections, the Atom and the Metal. Each collection features five models. Each of the five models are designed with solid colors and different accents on the sole. The clean lines and solid colors are just a pleasure to … continue reading

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Ikea Finally Brings Wireless Charging Furniture

It’s been around for a while, but not much attention was given to it, except for the specialty publications. Wireless charging is quite an amazing and comfort enhancer technology; no more wires means no more tangling and no more mess between the desk and the power socket. Ikea has recently unveiled a line of not so tech-looking bedside lamps, tables and charging plates that have been paired with Qi chargers onto the surface. It sounds great and feels the same, but how does … continue reading


Must Have Gaming Accessories

Most experts and hardcore gamers agree we are in a golden era for gaming. The release of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 around 18 months ago have reinvented the console, whilst tablets and smartphones have made playing the latest shoot ‘em up or racing game more accessible than ever before. And it isn’t just the platforms themselves that are revolutionising the way we play, so are the accessories. New gadgets are forever landing, going out of date just as quick, and with … continue reading

Win: PUMA Trinomic XT1s Treasure Hunt

JD Sports decided to celebrate Puma Trinomic XT1’s release with a fun contest: a treasure hunt on the streets of London, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool and New York. All you have to do is follow @JDsportsfashion twitter account to get clues and help narrow down the search. Fans will be given the clues to the location of a tagged up trainer display box, only the trainers are missing! But if you will be the first one to find the display box, you’ll find a winning token … continue reading

How to Clean And Look After Your Jeans

Jeans were originally invented for the workers who needed stronger pants, but nowadays denim is high fashion. Giving your jeans just a little more attention will make them last longer and look better, especially if you’ve invested in some premium denim. The first little secret is to keep them away from the washer and dryer for as long as you can. Yeap, that’s right, put them in the freezer to kill bacteria and neutralise the smell, soak them in coffee to restore their … continue reading

WonderCube – The Best Accessory For Your Smartphone

You have to hate carrying all kinds of cords and data cables along with your phone. It is even worse when you actually need such a cord, but you didn’t bring one. WonderCube solves these kind of situations by packing 8 essential elements in nothing more than a cube measuring one inch. First of all, the WonderCube features a foldout USB cord that, when unpacked, it measures 3 inches. It features a regular USB on one end and an Apple Lightning/micro-USB combo on … continue reading

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5 Sneakers That Caught Our Attention This Week


Here we go again with another set of five footwear pieces that really stood out of the crowd this week while we were browsing the internet. Jordan and Yeezy are again taking the lead, but stay tuned as there are quite a few interesting designs really worth checking out.