Tens Sunglasses. The Real Life Photo Filter

What we see on a regular day while going to work or taking a walk can have a pretty strong influence over what we feel or think in those moments. A pretty common example for a better understanding of what I’m getting to: a sunny day is more beautiful than a rainy, gray one, and I’m not referring to anything else here except the colors that define each one of them.  Colors are important. This is why I’m going to … continue reading

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5 Reasons To Put Down The Bike And Pick Up The Board

Gone are the days where the coolest way to cruise around town was on the back of a two-wheeler with a baseball card pegged to one of the front wheel spokes. To appropriate a quote from George Orwell, Two wheels bad, four wheels good! Check out these five excellent reasons to put down the bike and pick up the board. Before too long you’ll be ready to jump online, head to Z-Flex Skateboards, grab some top-notch skating gear and channel … continue reading

Solar Roadways. Panels You Can Drive, Park And Walk On

The future is here! Again. I know we’ve been using this phrase a lot, given that so many amazing things keep happening in the world of science, but this time it’s the actual thing. Solar. Freakin’. Roadways. And they’ve raised 220% of their goal sum on Indiegogo, which means we actually get to see the beginning of solar roadways in our lifetime. Solar Roadways is basically a modular paving system of solar panels, capable of withstanding even the heaviest of … continue reading

Nike LunarGlide 6 iD, Run For Your Country Edition

Nike is now a multinational company known around the world who needs no introduction. Although it has a certain reputation in the urban fashion, the core business of the brand is primarily sports and it was always the chosen field for the brand. The Lunarlon technology, which uses a special foam for cushioning, was launched six years ago. Nike imagined astronauts bouncing on the moon, which soon gave them the idea of ​​the name of “LunarGlide”. With the World Cup and all, Nike released a … continue reading

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Friday Inspiration #64

Friday inspiration 64 Friday Inspiration #64

This is the Original Friday Inspiration series - amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness. You have a full weekend ahead, so use it wisely and don’t waste your days of rest on resting!

Meet & Follow: Vera Eremeychuk

Meet Vera Eremeychuk, a must follow instagramer because well, you’ll get the whole point from the photo gallery below. Here’s a shout to all the cool photographers – we introduced you to the awesome Vera, take it from here and maybe come back with a professional photoshoot featuring the beautiful … continue reading

Honda CB750 By Wesley Hannam

It’s a Honda, a CB750, what else can you ask for from this life? Well, the answer is definitely a custom made Honda, and especially one built by Wesley Hannam himself! The CB750 is that kind of a motorcycle that, if haven’t been invented, the world would have been a very different place. At least, that’s what people obsessed with bikes are thinking and I know quite a few of them. There are countless versions  of the beast, each one … continue reading

Klax. The Super Ax

Klax is the father of all axes, if you allow my comparison. Everybody knows (or it should know) what’s an ax, even if we’re talkin’ about medieval technology here. Axes are handy when it comes to surviving in the woods or beheading your enemies. However, this guy Glenn thought that a simple ax is too mainstream or something and he invented Klax. What makes it different from other axes is that what we have here is actually a multi-tool hidden … continue reading

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