You need a plan for every objective you want to accomplish. It might be something as simple as driving to a particular location in a preset amount of time. Or, it may be as complex as building a successful business from scratch. Usually, making a plan just within your mind doesn’t help on long term results. Volt Planner provides an alternative to check-boxes, calendars and forums. It is basically a copybook that will allow various input data, molding with almost every plan.

Science  proves that people who actually write down their goals are more likely to achieve them. Volt Planner is designed in such way that will encapsulate information no matter its genre. The main purpose is to schedule tasks and break down targets into manageable, bite-size chunks.

Volt Planner gives freedom to the user. You can schedule year long targets and also focus on goals over a shorter span: weekly or daily. So why pay for this instead of using a $1 copybook? First of all, because it’s already setup to receive input. There’s no copybook already coming with doodles, tables and spaces to write your goals. Also, it probably doesn’t look as sleek as the Volt Planner.

Volt Planner is hand crafted in the USA and for the moment is available only in black. It is fountain pen friendly as the pages won’t bleed the ink through. Construction-wise, the binding technique keeps the book flat no matter if you are opening the first page, the middle or the last page of the planner.

Available on Ink And Volt for $40.

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