Love is one of the most beautiful emotions, but it can also be tricky to navigate, especially when it comes to relationships. There are certain dealbreakers that can make or break a relationship, and a recent study sheds light on six of them. Whether you’re single and looking for love or in a committed relationship, it’s essential to know what these dealbreakers are to avoid any heartbreaks in the future. So, let’s dive in and learn more about them!

Love is in the Air: The Six Relationship Dealbreakers You Need to Avoid!


Cheating is one of the biggest dealbreakers in a relationship. Infidelity not only breaks the trust but also hurts the other person’s self-esteem, leading to long-lasting emotional trauma. It’s a complete betrayal of the commitment made to each other, and can even lead to the end of the relationship.

Lack of Communication

Communication is the key to a successful relationship. It’s important to have open and honest conversations with your partner, and to listen to each other’s thoughts and feelings. A lack of communication can cause misunderstandings, resentment, and even lead to arguments. It’s essential to make an effort to communicate with your partner regularly, and to address any issues as soon as they arise.

Different Life Goals

Having different life goals can be a significant dealbreaker in a relationship. It’s essential to have similar dreams and aspirations, or at least be supportive of your partner’s goals. If your partner’s life goals don’t align with yours, it can create tension and resentment. It may also lead to one partner feeling like they are sacrificing their own dreams for the sake of the relationship.

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Financial Issues

Money is one of the most significant sources of stress in a relationship. It’s important to be on the same page when it comes to finances, and to be transparent about your financial situation. If one partner is a spender, while the other is a saver, it can create tension and lead to arguments. It’s essential to have a plan for managing finances and to work together towards your financial goals.

Differing Sexual Needs

Sexual compatibility is essential in a relationship. If one partner has a higher or lower sex drive than the other, it can create tension and lead to frustration. It’s important to communicate openly about your sexual needs and desires and to work together to find a balance that works for both of you.

Different Values

Having different values can be a significant dealbreaker in a relationship. It’s essential to share similar values, such as honesty, trust, and loyalty. If your values don’t align, it can create tension and lead to arguments. It’s important to discuss your values early on in the relationship and to be open about any differences.

Unlock the Secret to a Successful Relationship with a New Study!

A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of California, Davis, sheds light on the six relationship dealbreakers that you need to avoid. The study found that these dealbreakers were universal across different cultures and genders. It’s essential to be aware of these dealbreakers to avoid any heartbreaks and to build a successful relationship.

In conclusion, relationships can be tricky to navigate, but knowing the dealbreakers can help you make informed decisions. Infidelity, lack of communication, different life goals, financial issues, differing sexual needs, and different values are the six relationship dealbreakers that you need to watch out for. Communication, honesty, and trust are the keys to a successful relationship, and it’s important to work together towards your goals. Remember, love is a beautiful emotion, and with the right partner, it can lead to a lifetime of happiness.

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