Running away is easy when we feel stuck, or when things don’t align in front of us the way we want. But do you think it’s the best solution?

Whatever challenges you may be facing, based on specialists, running away is not going to help you. The source of our unhappiness comes within us, and therefore we will carry it with us, wherever in the world we decide to go. Most of the time it requires a further digging into ourselves, in order to produce a change in that source of unhappiness. 

Do not run awayWe all need to take a break from time to time, even from our daily activities. But the line between taking a break and running away is very fine. 

Running away is easy, but let’s see what is the source of this feeling, and what are the best solutions. 

Why does it seem like running away is the easiest solution?

It is normal for us to react when we feel threatened. We are naturally designed to protect ourselves from harm, criticism or attack. We can rest assured about one thing: that it is normal sometimes to have this feeling of running away from issues, from people, from life in general. 

Running awayWhatever the problem is, or the source of unhappiness, the feeling of running away appears within us because we fear to deal with these challenges. Fear is the one thing keeping us away from resolving the problems, in one way or another.

We are either afraid of dealing with the problems, or we are afraid of the outcome we might face by comforting a problem. There is a third possibility as well: we might be afraid that we will lose someone or something, if we decide to fix the problem.

Running away is easy and now we understand why it is not the best solution. Because we will bring that fear with us wherever we go. 

How is best to deal with the feeling of wanting to escape?

We already mentioned that it is perfectly fine to have these feelings of running away. However, in order to find long-term relief, we need to get to the core of the issue. Below are the best ways to do so:

  • Get to the bottom of the issue. Is it something related to your relationship, or are you feeling overwhelmed at work? If the answer is yes, find a therapist and try to open up about these issues and feelings. 
  • Ask for help. Try to talk about your feelings with your partner, or a friend, a family member, or even better, a mental health professional.
  • Remove some of the obligations. Try to decide what is essential and what can be removed or delegated from your daily duties. 

Now we know. Running away is easy, but it won’t help. Get used to the idea that you are not the only one dealing with these feelings, and open up with anybody you are comfortable with.

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