June is Men’s Health Month and it is important to keep your health in check! In honor of Men’s Health Month, Metro Health is urging men to take charge of their health by undertaking a number of crucial actions. Including choosing nutritious foods, being active, stopping smoking, scheduling routine exams, and caring for their mental health.

Diabetes is a major issue for males, especially in San Antonio. According to Julius Hunter, manager of Metro Health, San Antonio prefers to concentrate on three things when it comes to diabetes. Diabetes management might feel all-consuming at times, but it’s crucial to cooperate with your medical team to keep the disease under control.

Your important organs might be harmed if you don’t maintain control of your diabetes. You may reduce the risk of kidney disease, eye disease, and nerve disease by 40% by controlling your blood sugar levels.

Having a good line of contact with your medical professionals is the most crucial and effective aspect of controlling your diabetes. Your doctor may be able to provide you with content and information you hadn’t previously thought about if you promptly voice your questions and concerns.

Learning what to do next when you have been diagnosed with diabetes is important. You may be able to participate in shared decision-making by developing a good relationship with your providers. Together, you and your doctor will develop the health care plan that will enable you to achieve your objectives for managing your diabetes. You’re more likely to adhere to the treatment plan since your preferences are given top priority throughout this procedure.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind while you undergo treatment for diabetes is that you are the focus of your medical team. The best approach to have your questions and concerns addressed at medical checkups is to speak up for yourself since no one understands your body or your experience like you do.