Jenna Ortega is a name that is slowly but surely making its way into the Hollywood limelight. The 19-year-old actress has come a long way from playing the gloomy Wednesday Addams on the comedy series, „The New Addams Family.” Jenna has since appeared in a string of big-budget movies and has become a leading lady in her own right. In this article, we’ll take a look at how Jenna Ortega went from gothic to glam in her journey to becoming a Hollywood star.

From Gothic to Glam: Jenna Ortega’s Journey in Hollywood

Jenna Ortega’s big break came in 2014, when she landed the role of the iconic character Wednesday Addams in „The New Addams Family.” The show was a reboot of the popular 1960s TV series and saw Jenna donning the character’s signature black dress and pigtails. Her portrayal of the dark and brooding character was a hit with audiences, and it established Jenna as a talented child actress.

After „The New Addams Family,” Jenna went on to star in a slew of TV shows, including „Jane the Virgin,” „Richie Rich,” and „Elena of Avalor.” However, it was her role as Young Jane in „Jane the Virgin” that really cemented her status as a rising star. Jenna’s performance on the show earned her critical acclaim and opened doors for her in Hollywood.

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How Jenna Ortega Transformed from Child Star to Leading Lady

Jenna’s transition from child star to leading lady began in 2018 when she landed a recurring role on the hit Netflix series „You.” In the show, Jenna played Ellie, a smart and resourceful teenager who befriends the show’s protagonist, Joe Goldberg. Her performance on the show was praised, and it led to more opportunities for the young actress.

Since then, Jenna has gone on to star in a number of successful films, including „The Babysitter: Killer Queen” and „Yes Day.” She has also been cast as the lead in the upcoming film „The Fallout,” which is set to premiere at the SXSW Film Festival in March 2021. With her star on the rise, Jenna Ortega is definitely one to watch in Hollywood.

Jenna Ortega’s journey from playing the dark and brooding Wednesday Addams to becoming a leading lady in Hollywood is impressive. With her talent and dedication, Jenna has proved that she is more than just a child star. She has successfully navigated the transition from child actress to leading lady and emerged as a rising star in the industry. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this talented young actress.

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