Are you looking for the best condoms for long lasting pleasure but you don’t understand how they can help you? This article features the three main types of condoms you can choose from.

Premature ejaculation is an issue that probably affects more men than you might expect. Therefore, most of the condom brands, have developed several solutions for those who would like to enjoy sex for longer.
Premature ejaculationBased on international guidelines, premature ejaculation occurs within 1 minute of sexual activity. However, as it is a relative term, is up to the sexual partners what works for them.

There are two types of premature ejaculation:

  • Primary premature ejaculation: men who have always had this problem. Usually it is caused by psychological factors such as a sexual traumatic experience at an early age.
  • Secondary premature ejaculation: it develops later in life. This is caused by both psychological and physical factors, such as alcohol or an inflammation of the prostate gland.

When it comes to psychological factors causing premature ejaculation these can vary: sexual performance anxiety or depression are just two examples.

Best Condoms for Long Lasting

Now that we defined premature ejaculation and what are the causes, here are the best types of condoms for long lasting sex.

  • Extended pleasure condoms

These types of condoms for long-lasting pleasure are thicker than the normal ones, in order to reduce stimulation. Most men with premature ejaculation experience an overstimulation during sex, so it makes sense for them to use a condom that reduces it.

  • Delay condoms

Delay condoms have a lubricant with an active ingredient which works as a local anaesthetic and numbs the penis to reduce stimulation. Usually the active ingredient is either benzocaine or lidocaine.

If you are concerned about using this type of condom, give it a go on your own to see how it feels.  

  • Mutual pleasure condoms 

Mutual pleasure condoms incorporate the same numbing ingredient as delay condoms, however with a ribbed or dotted exterior.

Whether you suffer from premature ejaculation or you simply want to try a condom for long lasting, shop around until you find what’s best for you. Try condoms with a thicker barrier, decreased sensation, decreased friction and less overall stimulation.

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