Have you ever tried glow in the dark condoms? Aren’t you curious to see how they work?

In the last few year we have seen STI (Sexual Transmitted Infection) prevention and birth control campaigns’ trying to come up with condoms as fun and exciting as possible, including glow in the dark condoms. However, many people still believe that condoms ruin the moment, and the spontaneity of it.

Particularly after the spread of HIV in the 1980s, manufacturers started to create condoms that customers would find enticing. Along with flavored condoms and other novelties, prophylactic producers created glow-in-the-dark condoms, appealing to adventure-seekers of all ages and backgrounds.

Glow in the dark condoms 5Overview – Types of condoms

Especially after the spread of HIV in the ‘80s, manufacturers tried their best to create different types of condoms, in order to determine more and more people to choose protective sex, no matter their age and background: ultra thin condoms, skin condoms, favored condoms, glow in the dark condoms, and other novelties.

When were condoms invented?

Unfortunately, historians cannot pinpoint the date when condoms were invented, however it is known that animal-intestine condoms have existed since medieval times. It was only in the sixteenth century when doctors began suggesting that patients should use condoms to prevent diseases, the first one being the Italian doctor Gabriele Falloppio.

The first rubber condoms appeared in 1885 which only covered the glans of the penis, reaching a full length in 1869.

Glow in the dark condoms 1

The first entrepreneur to enter into the condom business was Julius Schmid in 1883, naming his condoms Ramses and Sheik. Jiulius didn’t face much competition until 1916 when Merle Young started to create one of the most successful condom brands in history: Trojan.

In the 1930s condoms started to be legalised, when the latex rubber was created as well. Doctors could finally prescribe condoms to prevent disease. Since then, more and more condom brands started to appear, inventing different types of condoms such as ultra thin condoms, skin condoms, flavored condoms, glow in the dark condoms.

“Glow in the dark condoms brought a little fun into the bedroom since we were in need of spicing things up.” – Online Reviewer

Glow in the dark condoms 68 Different Types of Condoms

Looking at what is currently available on the market, we crated a list of 8 different types of condoms:

  1. Glow in the dark condoms: made in three layers, the middle one containing a safe dye which glows;
  2. Flavored condoms: the flavor is either added to the lubricant or coated on the condom;
  3. Studded or textured condoms. These types of condoms have:
    • Ribs: two sections of ribs – on the top and at the base. This placement adds stimulation, which can make penetration more enjoyable;
    • Studs: they have inside ribs, stimulating the person wearing it, or outside ribs, enhancing the enjoyment of the partner;
  4. Warming condoms: they contain a warming lubricant that is activated by natural body moisture;
  5. Glow in the dark condoms 2Pleasure shaped condoms: they tend to be looser, with enlarged, pouch-like tips;
  6. Colored condoms: you can find them in almost any color or mix of colors;
  7. French ticklers: they come in various styles with nodules, nubs, ridges, and shapes that provide stimulation;
  8. Edible condoms: pull the condom on and eat it off.

How do glow in the dark condoms work?

Most glow in the dark condoms have to be exposed to light for 30 seconds, unrolled. In case the condom remains rolled up, only the parts exposed to light will glow, resulting in rings of luminescence, rather than a full-on light effect.

Glow in the dark condoms 4All glow in the dark condom manufacturers use the same design: a layer of nontoxic phosphorous pigment, between an inner and outer layer of regular latex. It is important to mention that glow in the dark condoms are completely safe, providing the same level of protection against STIs and pregnancy as regular condoms.

Waiting 30 seconds to charge up a glow in the dark condom might seem to be a long time during sexy time, when all we want to do is go at it. But those 30 seconds can fly by if you use the time to enhance foreplay.

Where can I buy glow in the dark condoms?

If you are interested in bringing a sparkle into your bedroom, you can find glow in the dark condoms in almost any drugstore, supermarket or online.

What people love about glow in the dark condoms?

Below is just a summary of the reviews we found online:

  • As they are slightly thicker than regular condoms they make you last longer in bed;
  • They make things extra kinky at night;
  • It is pointless but it’s fun;
  • They spice up the action;
  • They show you the way to pleasure

Glow in the dark condoms 3Simple tips to use glow in the dark condoms

Follow these tips so you can fully enjoy the fun side of these condoms:

  • You may find them too thick, so they might not be the best choice if you are looking for a skin condom type of feeling.
  • Do not forget to expose it to light for 30 seconds, unrolled.
  • Obviously, do not use a glow in the dark condom twice.
  • As always, pay attention to the expiring date.

Frequently asked questions about glow in the dark condoms

  • What’s the feeling you can expect from a glow in the dark condom?

Glow in the dark condoms are usually slightly thicker than the ultra thin condoms, or skin condoms, however from what we have seen in the reviews, they seem to do the job pretty nicely, bringing some fun to action.

  • Do these condoms really glow in the dark?

Yes they do, most of the time providing a green glow. You first need to expose them to ambient light (sunlight or flashlight) to charge the phosphorescent compound.

  • Can we re-use glow in the dark condoms?

Nope, the rule is the same as for non glowing condoms: only use them once, then throw it away.

Negative reviews about glow in the dark condoms

Most of the negative reviews we have seen regarding glow in the dark condoms are related to their thickness. Many people buy them expecting a similar texture to ultra thin condoms or skin condoms.

Some consumers also reported that the brightness is slightly dimmer than expected, the glow’s intensity decreasing over time (after about 30 minutes).

What do people say about them?

“We had a good laugh with these. They are a bit of a tight fit but are great fun in the dark. They glow substantially and do not fade quickly so you can get plenty of enjoyment out of them.”

“In all honesty we use these for a bit of fun and for a giggle. On a serious level, it is quite sexy to be able to see sex actions vividly and we always have a great time with them. 

“These are brilliant, my partner loves them. Great fun in the night!”


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