Making the perfect poker night isn’t an easy task. A good host needs to get everything ready to accommodate its guests, from a good poker set to food and drinks, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Here are some tips for those who want to make a game night to remember and leave their friends or neighbors asking for more.

Have Table, Cards, and Everything Ready To Play

There’s no poker without cards. Fortunately, a regular poker session only requires a single 52-card traditional deck, which is very easy to come by. Some sets even include chips and dice, adding much to the atmosphere.

Now, depending on the poker set, there might be two or more decks. Some casinos prefer two per table, so people can play with one deck while the other is shuffled. But, for a casual game night, one is more than enough.

A good host never combines poker decks unless everyone has agreed to play multi-deck blackjack or something similar. It sounds pretty basic, but combining two or more decks in a poker session will alter the odds of each possible hand, ruining the entire experience.

Make Sure Everyone Is on the Same Page

Not everyone is practicing for the World Series of Poker. Some players attending the game night might not even know the game’s rules; they’re just joining in to have fun.

Before starting, it’s important to ensure everyone knows how to play Holdem Poker and other variants they might play, which are the best hands, and how to win.

Teaching rookies may look like a loss of time at first, but if they learn, they’ll be more willing to keep playing instead of dropping after the first two games.

Set Good Tunes To Enjoy the Game

Music can be a good company for any activity, and Poker is no exception. Good old tunes like Luck Be a Lady or Viva Las Vegas can help set the casino atmosphere and cheer the players through the games.

Of course, there’s no need to stop with old classics. Some other modern hits, like Poker Face or Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, can also help lift the moods during crucial night moments.

Food and Beverages Can’t Miss in Card Nights

Poker can be mentally taxing, so without drinks or food, the night won’t last too long. Now, when it comes to choosing, the best choices are something light like fries, meatball sticks, or maybe a pizza.

As for drinks, it strongly depends on the guest’s tastes. Some might be more prone to beer or stronger alcohol, while others might prefer a soda. It’s better to ask, especially if the guests are strangers.

Also, hosts should avoid leaving the task of buying food or drinks to the guests. One of them may cancel at the last minute, leaving everyone with fewer choices.

Establish Rules

A poker night can get pretty wild, especially if only guys are in the room. There’s always someone who drinks too much, wants to bet money or can’t keep their hand out of their phone.

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that between close friends, but if it’s between neighbors or strangers…well, things can get awkward pretty fast.

That’s why, before starting the night, the host must establish coexistence rules to keep the game as healthy as possible so everyone can have a good time.

Repeat It as Much as Possible

If the poker night was a success, then why not repeat it? There’s nothing wrong with reuniting at least once a week to enjoy cards with friends. If everyone gets bored with Poker, the decks can also be used for other games like baccarat or blackjack.