Nevo. The Minimalist Smartwatch

Smartwatches tend to look a bit chunky and sporty. If you’re a classy person, but still love technology  you probably find it hard to match your smartwatch with your outfit! But these worries are over! Névo represents a new generation of smartwatches that combines minimalism with technology! What does Névo do besides looking good? Lots of things: it manages your daily activity; tracks steps; gives instant feedback about your activity and motivates you towards healthy daily habits, and much more. Also, it can … continue reading

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Flow Wants To Take Gesture Control to Another Level

While not everyone might find themselves in the position of a graphic designer, engineer or game tester, as are the ones behind Flow, definitely everyone listens to music. You can’t possibly hate the feeling of the knob when you turn up the volume on a station. The need for a new wireless controller came, as producers state, from the lack of intermediary features between pre-existing devices. In other words, some products don’t offer enough variety while others are over-killing it. Enough said, Flow … continue reading

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Outdoor Gear Gift Guide

outdoor gear1 600x218 Outdoor Gear Gift Guide

If you think outdoorsy guys are way behind with technology, you are totally wrong! Nowadays, technology embraces the wilderness in order to make escapes from the hectic city life easier and enjoyable! And let’s be honest: there’s nothing like the great outdoors… and if you can pair it with some high-tech tools it’s even better!

Amazon Echo Might Be Your Best Virtual Assistant

Wouldn’t it be nice to have around us a gadget which has the answers to all our questions, plays the music we like and keep track of our schedules and shopping lists? Amazon Echo does all these and much more. The small gadget is always on once you say the wake word Amazon or Alexa. It is designed to recognize voices and it can offer answers to your questions or comply to your requests. All the information is processed in the Cloud and … continue reading

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Boreas Waterproof Backpack

If you want to combine the benefits of a hiking backpack with the features of a daily bag, that you can use in all your outdoor activities, Boreas Backpacks are the perfect choice for you. Boreas Eco Backpack and Monterey Backpack come in two different colors: Lava Black and Canyon Blue. Boreas’ special offer includes a free Crank Brohers Bike Pump for every backpack that you buy. Their double hull construction offers you the necessary protection against rain, being completely waterproof; choosing one … continue reading

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Outfit: Winter Monday

eastdane sale 2 Outfit: Winter Monday

We’re bringing you a stylish winter outfit for your usual Mondays, in partnership with East Dane, which is offering the biggest sale of the year. There are no brand exclusions, and with this sale, the more you purchase the better the savings. Find out more on their website.

Friday Inspiration #87

Friday inspiration 87 Friday Inspiration #87

This is the Original Friday Inspiration series – amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness. You have a full weekend ahead, so use it wisely and don’t waste your days of rest on resting!

Driftwood Magnetboards

Driven by the waves, currents, and wind. Bleached by the sun and the salty water of the oceans. Polished in the surf by rocks, stones and sand… And, in the end found stranded on some beach. This is the provenience of the boards, plank, poles and dunnage bars used to create these magnetboards. After being found, they are photographed and dated. The photograph of the discovery site and the date of discovery are found in the logbook accompanying the magneticboard. The exact geographical … continue reading

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