10 Must Have Items That Never Go Out of Fashion

Beard Styles In 2015

Or How To Shape Your Personality

Top 10 Hyper Cars You Haven’t Heard About

Riva Ferrari 32 Speedboat: A Classic Water Glider

It’s not unusual to see luxury automakers aiding or putting their fingerprint on side-products like perfumes or clothing lines. However, the 1990 Riva 32 speedboat takes influence to the next level. This iconic-looking watercraft resulted from the collaboration between Ferrari and shipyard Riva, the latter being famous for collaborating in the past with other automotive names: Lamborghini and McLaren. A rather … continue reading

$200,000+ Buy

Chapter Knife: Reimagined Single-Blade Folder

I’ve said it before, and I’m stating it again: there is little that comes to be as classy as a quality knife. Old designs are the best, but once in a while you can get across a reworked version of an iconic silhouette; this is definitely the case of The Chapter Knife. A Minimalistic Approach With the least amount of … continue reading

$225 Buy

3 Running Shoes To Help You Workout

Besides walking everyday, jogging or running is the next step towards a more advanced workout and a healthier lifestyle. However, taking the best out of your running workouts has to do with more than just going faster. Posture, technique and equipment are a vital part of any workout, including long distance running, intervals or sprints. When it comes to equipment, … continue reading

Friday Inspiration #160


This is the Original Friday Inspiration series – amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness. You have a full weekend ahead, so use it wisely and don’t waste your days of rest on resting!

Labels You Need In Your Life NOW!

Keeping up with the trajectory of fashion – and in particular the fast pace of current menswear – can be a difficult task for even the most ardent fan. Why else would the industry finally acknowledge the power of menswear with its very own New York Fashion Week? The times truly are a-changin’ and it will take some preparation in … continue reading

Live Again After Being Cheated

Heartbreaks aren’t to be taken lightly, period. When you are getting involved into a relationship beyond the casual dating level, your brain becomes wired to that particular someone. It becomes used to see, hear and feel that someone and takes it as a normal occurrence. When suddenly, these data isn’t received anymore due to a breakup, your mind and body … continue reading

The Relic Mobile Brick Oven

The Relic Mobile Brick Oven Will Outlive Many Generations Tennessee Stone & Design is, as the name suggests, an American based company who developed what we like to call the next generation for a mobile brick oven. The materials in use spell quality and durability, with everything being limited, as anything you ever want to purchase. It’s made by hand, … continue reading

$975 Buy

Toyota Tundra Diablo by DEVOLRO

Even as a standard issue, Toyota Tundra imposes an elevated standard of on-road and off-road performance accompanied by a bold appearance. Take one piece and allow it to pass through the mighty hands of truck specialists at DEVOLRO, and you get the Tundra Diablo, a black, mean looking four-wheel monster that is capable of reaching almost anywhere. Six hundred horses … continue reading

$199.000 Buy

5 Sneakers That Caught Our Attention This Week

Summer is closer than ever and footwear industry is not dropping an inch in the battle of supremacy. Since the choice is so wide, we’ve honestly had a little of thinking to do before choosing the final 5 sneakers that caught our attention this week. Check the latest releases below. We’d love to know if you’ve got a favourite among … continue reading

5 Perfect and Inspiring Destinations for Solo Travelers

To travel to various exotic corners of the world needs a lot of bravery. So to find a companion, who will go on an adventure of the lifetime with you, might often be a difficult task. That is why solo traveling is becoming more and more popular – even women start to travel the world alone! To move and travel … continue reading

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