Low Down & Shifty 1974 Yamaha XS650

Take a look at this weird looking bike, and then take a look again. Isn’t this beautiful? I mean , it may look like a bike from Mad Max, that classic dystopian movie from the 80’s. But, with Low, Down, & Shifty, mechanics meets art and the end result is a very interesting piece of retro-engineering, if I may use that word I just made up. The Low, Down, & Shifty is based on a vintage motorcycle from 1974 (older … continue reading


The Vamoose Jacket & Rucksack

There’s been a trend lately when it comes to creating convertible and multifunctional backpacks and the Vamoose Jacket is yet another brick in the wall, sort of speak. Because, with one of these babies, you get two for the price of one. I mean, the Vamoose is originally a waterproof jacket, but it can be turned into a day pack with a flick of a switch. Actually, it’s a little bit more complicated than flicking a switch, but you got … continue reading

$470 Buy

2014 New Year’s Eve Fireworks Around the World

Take a trip around the globe to see how people celebrated the new year – with fireworks. This year’s absolute winner in fireworks is Dubai, setting a new Guinness World Record for the largest pyrotechnics show. The total cost was a cool $6 million, took 10 months to plan, was controlled by a a network of 100 computers and included 500,000 fireworks. The photo above is what people in Rio de Janeiro saw on the sky – night swimming and … continue reading

Ellsworth & Clyde Hardwood Tie Bar

People nowadays seem to be eager to reinvent everything. Things that once upon a time, we took for granted. Like, let’s say, the tie bar. Really now, what can you change about a regular, old school tie bar? Well, Ellsworth & Clyde have another view about life and especially about how a  Tie Bar should be like, so they came up with this apparently new concept of tie bar, which differs from the regular mass-produced by huge industrial robots (or maybe … continue reading

$68 Buy

Connect and Detect With Spotter

Spotter is a gadget that can be best described as your own, personal Big Brother, without the creepy part. What Spotter does is taking care of your home when you’re away, as simple as that. Using smart technology, this little gadget is capable of monitoring everything on your premises, like sound, light, motion, temperature, humidity, and everything on the tip of your fingers, from your mobile device. The possibilities offered by using this are basically endless. Because it uses your … continue reading

$49.99 Buy

Kicking Off 2014 With January. Hottest Photos Of January Jones

January Jones 2014 17 600x480 Kicking Off 2014 With January. Hottest Photos Of January Jones

First of all, Happy New Year! Thank you for all your emails and messages, for all your kind words and your criticism, thank you for being a part of HisPotion! We’ll all become better men in 2014, enjoy cool, smart stuff, beautiful women and a whole lot of inspiration!

Now let’s make a proper step in 2014 with the beautiful January Jones. Not only because the name-month words game but because we’re all Mad Men from time to time and we all dream of being an X-Men sometimes.

Need New Year Resolutions? An Enlightening Interview With Lotu

lotu Need New Year Resolutions? An Enlightening Interview With Lotu

Meet Lotu. No, that’s not his real name, but that’s not the point here – he wants his blog readers to reflect on themselves not on him. Lotu quit his investment banker dream job on Wall Street and everything that came with it – lots of money, limo rides etc. Why? Because he wanted to enjoy life, and no, working 16 hours per day isn’t exactly the life, is it? He’s now enjoying the Lifestyle of the Unemployed, taking some freelance projects from time to time to keep him rolling (money-wise).

Read the interview below. I’m not saying it will change your life today, but it will surely make you reflect on tomorrows.

Friday Inspiration Christmas Edition #2

Friday Inspiration Christmas Edition 2 Friday Inspiration Christmas Edition #2

We hope you’re enjoying your second Christmas day! We’re celebrating it with you – here’s our second Special Edition Friday Inspiration! If you haven’t done so already, go check the first one! Enjoy your eggnog and that Christmas tree smell, and thank you for all of your feedback, you’re putting a big smile on our faces!