Friday Inspiration #46

Friday Inspiration 46 Friday Inspiration #46

We love nature, but you already know that if you’re a Friday Inspiration follower. Walks, hikes, mountain biking, or any outdoor activity – you name it, we love it! It’s probably the second best connection you can have, after the inter-human relationships. So even before taking her to meet your parents, take her out and introduce her to nature. She might know it and love it, or she might not, either way – spend some time in the wilderness, just the two of you. You’ll get to see a part of her you can not see otherwise. Make a fire, tell stories, think about it as you’re both living in the Stone Age for a while. It’s also a great way to prove the man you are taking care of everything and make her feel safe. This doesn’t really work for any couple, but you should try it some time! Happy Valentine’s Day!

We Love Readheads! Here’s Why

There’s a war going on between brunettes and the blondes. Yeap, it’s going on since the beginning of civilization and the not so breaking news is nobody’s winning it! But if we were to pick a winner, that would definitely be the redheads. Especially the natural redheads. Now we’re not sure if it’s the fact that they’re so rare (roughly 2% of world population), but they all have that mysterious look, and we’re loving it.

The Rechargeable BottleLight

Here comes another innovation for those of you who are passionate about home improvement : Suck UK (I know, I laughed too) brings you the BottleLight. If you ever wasted your time and visited the good’ol United Kingdom, you will understand the principle behind sucking, bottles and lights. Because, you know, these people have a passion for drinking hard and their homes are always full of empty bottles, with the life sucked out of them. Well, with the BottleLight you … continue reading

$16 Buy

Northern Icon Strates Desk

The Northern Icon Strates Desk is the creation of Mathieu Lehanneur and it represents the emulation of the child by the adult. I bet I lost you here. Well, if you had a real childhood, i.e. you were playing with real life toys like LEGO instead of playing mindless videogames all day long, well, then you know what I mean. This desk is a LEGO game for your inner adult. It allows you to build your own stuff and let your imagination … continue reading

$2096 Buy

Iris. Smart Home Management

Meet Iris, the application that will change your life! Well, maybe I’m exaggerating ,but Iris is one cool app. Iris is your electronic servant, the application that gives you total control over your house, by remote. All you have to do is to install it on your smartphone or on your laptop/computer, and you’ll be able to adjust the lights or to control your security system or your house climate, to lock/unlock your doors/garage, you name it. Of course, you’ll … continue reading

$179 Buy

Woorock Hammock Swing

The Woorock Hammock Swing is the best thing in the world since sliced bread and water beds. I really mean that folks! George Bechter (the designer/architect/inventor) did a hell of a job here, I bet he is the lazy kind of person. If you never tried a hammock before, you should know that the hardest part is to find a place for it. Sometimes, this can be quite frustrating. With this baby, after a hard day’s work, all you’ll have to do … continue reading


Moment. The Awesome Lenses For Mobile Photography

If you’re the DSLR kind of person and you love taking high quality pictures while on the run, but you’re too lazy to carry around with you that uncomfortable lump of technology (the Nikon, I mean), well, the good news is that Moment is here for you. Moment, your best friend when it comes to taking cat pictures! With this awesome lens, you can transform your boring smartphone into something magic. Well, at least that’s what the guys behind Moment are saying … continue reading

$49 Buy

Friday Inspiration #45

Friday inspiration 45 Friday Inspiration #45

This is the Original Friday Inspiration series – amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness. You have a full weekend ahead, so use it wisely and don’t waste your days of rest on resting!

In one of the photos below there’s a notebook with Note To Self written on it. That’s a pretty good idea to keep a journal. No, that’s not only for little girls – man can have such a habit as well. Write about the little things, note the field trip you took and what you’ve discovered or maybe write a poem. The world is full of inspiration, why not try to capture it! Photos are not forever, not even digital ones – a broken hard disk, a stolen phone – we’ve all been there. Also, you should always have a pen on you, wherever you go. And gum. And napkins. That should do it.