Bolt, World’s Smallest Portable Charger

Say hello to gadget independence! This is made possible by Bolt - the world’s smallest portable iPhone USB wall charger with an included 3000mAh rechargeable battery, making sure you don’t run out of power when it matters the most. With a nice sleek design, Bolt can be carried anywhere and everywhere, giving your smartphone up to two full charges until it needs a recharge itself. It’s not much but it’s a start. Classy and ultra portable, Bolt comes in a smooth rubberized finish … continue reading

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Bandit9 Nero Mark II Will Raise Some Serious Eyebrows

Bandit9′s Nero MkII bike is the creation of Daryl Villanueva, who owns a workshop based in Beijing, China. That’s far out and a no-go to many people, because Made in China is nothing to write home about. Especially when it comes to cars and motorcycles. But, let’s not judge hastily. Daryl was born in Philippines, raised in Hong Kong and was schooled in Australia and Malaysia, I mean come on, this is a cosmopolite guy, as good as it gets. … continue reading


Leather Crochet Touchscreen Gloves

As the cold season descends upon us as suddenly and unexpectedly as the Perseids in August, we humble smartphone owners start dreading the customary removal of the gloves in order to tap that screen (pun intended.) Which is why we were so incredibly glad to hear that there is now an alternative to freezing our precious fingers off. The leather crochet touchscreen gloves by Mujjo are perfect for screen-swiping in below 0 temperatures.

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Jetovator. The Flying Water-Powered Bike

Well, Jetovator sounds like a made-up name from kid’s cartoons. Hell no, it’s very real, and it’s coming to get you! If you’re into water sports, you will understand what’s all about : a cool accessory used to produce huge amounts of fun if you’re crazy enough to use such a devilry. All you need to become famous at the beach is a PWC(that’s a personal watercraft or a boat, as my grandfather used to say) and the Jetovator, and … continue reading

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Diemme’s Black Kevlar Roccia Vet Boot

Let’s talk a little about a company called Diemme Footwear. I bet you did not know that Diemme is an universal dish, a cosmopolite company. What I’m trying to say is that Diemme’s Black Kevlar Roccia Vet Boot is the love child of an Italian footwear manufacturer (Calzaturificio Diemme, how about THAT for a name!), a Norwegian design company (Blender Agency, I bet they make great cocktails!), a Japanese design/sales company(GMT Tokyo) and a Swedish distributor (MnO International). It’s kind … continue reading

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36 Attic Offices. Because It’s Monday

Attic Offices 36 Attic Offices. Because Its Monday

That room or space many of us use as a relaxation area, the attic can also be used as your home office slash workspace. Because it’s up there, and it’s said to be a great place to get creative in, and it has that kind of appeal. A normal room just can’t compete with the magic of an attic. Do what you love they say, and I couldn’t agree more, but let me add – do it in a lovely place!

Trailer Hitch Stand and Hammock Chair Combo

If you are the kind of person who enjoys travelling and living outdoors, you just found what you were looking for. Hammaka will make your life easier with The Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand and Hammaka Chair Combo. With these babies tightly strapped to your truck, you can forget about expensive hotels and you can camp everywhere. If you’re going fishing, you will be delighted by the pair of air chairs provided by Hamaka. This piece of gear is very easy to … continue reading

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Friday Inspiration #35

Friday inspiration 35 Friday Inspiration #35

TGIFI! Thank God it’s Friday Inspiration. The good news is we doubled the number of images we usually posted in previous friday inspirations, because you love it so much. If you were looking for the bad news, there is none!  You have a full weekend ahead, so use it wisely! If you have any questions regarding the photos used, drop us a comment and we’ll let you know the whats and hows of it all. Stay classy, stay curious, stay smart!