The Furies Knife Set

If you’re into knife-throwing, I bet you’ll love The Furies. The package consists of three hand crafted throwing knives, representing a perfect mix of toughness and balance. Oh, I forgot to mention, they look awesome too. Two of the knives are Frontier inspired and the third is a Pro X thrower. If you’ll use them on a daily basis, you’ll become an expert in no time, but don’t forget : practice makes perfect. The Furies come wrapped in a sheath … continue reading

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Gun Cylinder Pen Holder

If you’re the God and Guns kinda fellow, you’ll surely enjoy the gun cylinder pen holder. You know that old saying, the pen is mightier than the sword? Well, it may apply to guns too, tho’ I seriously doubt it, but when it comes to blending Guns and Pens in the same package, well, the result is awesome, if not scary. The gun cylinder pen holder can harbor 6 bullets, I mean pens, in the same time, just as a … continue reading

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Power Your Phone With A Hydrogen Reactor

For those of you who enjoy spending quality time outside, exploring the great outdoors on a hike, for example, and you also take your smartphone, GPS, tablet or other small electronic devices, here’s a great tool for joining you in your adventures. The Brunton Hydrogen Reactor is an intriguing device that serves for recharging your gadgets. How does it work ? Well, it has some rechargeable cores with hydrogen that produce energy when combined with the oxygen from the atmosphere. … continue reading

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Music For Colder Days

Since autumn is inevitably upon us, bringing a bit of that winter chill along, there’s nothing like curling up next to the heater with a good book and some soothing tunes. The trend this fall is leaning towards something called ‘post-dubstep’, a music genre that has been around since 2011, and which is best described by “urban music influenced by certain aspects of dubstep.” The genre cannot be defined by only one influence or tendency though, since it is a … continue reading

A Guide To The Jacket Season

Parka A Guide To The Jacket Season

Like many wardrobe items nowadays, the parka jacket was once part of a military uniform – comfortable and functional. Comfortable and functional, they were developed in the early 1950s for U.S. Air Force and Marines.  But in fact, the origin of this jacket is much more ancient - the nomadic people of the northern Russia used it for warm long jackets. In their language, parka means “animal skin”.

Garmin Head-Up Display

Make your life easier and safer when driving with the Garmin Head-Up Display, a really great solution for when you’re using your navigation and need to be focused on the road. I don’t know about you, but I really hate having to take my eyes from the road and paying attention to my smartphone, even if it’s only for a couple of seconds. The Garmin HUD solves this problem by connecting to your Android, Windows Phone or iOS based smartphone … continue reading

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Stir Kinetic Desk

If your job implies sitting almost all day long at a desk, in front of a computer or something like that, I bet you’re worried or you’re at least questioning the disadvantages it brings regarding your health. Well, say hello to the Stir Kinetic Desk, which brings a solution to this issue. What does it do, exactly ? It moves up and down, making you stand up from time to time, thus helping your body keep fit and burn calories, … continue reading

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Stereo T DJ Kit

If you’re a DJ, you must have heard about Hoerboard, a brand that delivers high quality custom DJ furniture. You might be interested in the Hoerboard Stereo.T kit, the first of its kind that comes to your rescue if you don’t have much space for your equipment and need something practical that can join you wherever you go without being a burden. How is this possible ? Well, the Stereo.T is actually a construction kit that can easily be assembled … continue reading

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