Friday Inspiration #35

Friday inspiration 35 Friday Inspiration #35

TGIFI! Thank God it’s Friday Inspiration. The good news is we doubled the number of images we usually posted in previous friday inspirations, because you love it so much. If you were looking for the bad news, there is none!  You have a full weekend ahead, so use it wisely! If you have any questions regarding the photos used, drop us a comment and we’ll let you know the whats and hows of it all. Stay classy, stay curious, stay smart!

Recon Jet. The Ultimate Eyewear Gadget

If you’re wondering what Recon Jet is, well, no, you’re wrong, it’s not an Airplane and it has nothing to do with the military. Recon Jet is  a version of the GoogleGlass on steroids, the ultimate EyeWear for athletes everywhere. Being marketed as the ultimate triathlon device, this is basically a wearable computer designed to help athletes to monitor and improve their performance. The Recon Jet comes packed with all sorts of sensors, like a gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, altimeter and thermometer, … continue reading

$599 Buy

Uncovermac Backlight Designs for MacBook

If you’re an Apple fan and you own a MacBook, just take a look at the unique backlit designs offered by Uncovermac. What Uncovermac actually does is using the backlit logo on your MacBook, actually that tiny backlight which is there by default, a light panel located behind the laptop’s screen and used to illuminate the Apple logo. These guys from Uncovermac will remove(if you want) the Apple logo and replace it with whatever you like. This solution is so … continue reading

$540 Buy

The BookBook Travel Journal

The BookBook Travel Journal is just a fancy name for a regular leather case, made especially for Apple products. It’s basically a briefcase, large enough to harbor an iPad or a MacBook, but its very nice design makes it look like a regular “vintage” book. Obviously, the BookBook is fully compatible with most Apple products, like the iPad Air, iPad mini and the iPad. Along with the iPad, MacBook or whatever, there is enough room into the BookBook Travel Journal for … continue reading

$99 Buy

Leatherman Charge TTI Multi-tool

The Leatherman Charge TTI is another great product from the American company, well known for its vast range of multi-tool products. We can safely say that the  Leatherman Charge TTI is a premium product, combining some of the most sought after features in only one, multi-functional tool. The handle of  Leatherman Charge TTI is made of sculpted titanium alloy and the clip point is built from S30V stainless steel. The design of this baby is almost sexy and thanks to its high-end … continue reading

$150 Buy

Timex Intelligent Quartz Linear Chronographs

Timex, the world-renowned watch maker, recently released a new series of watches, the Intelligent Quartz Linear Chronographs. As most Timex watches, this line represents a nice blend of affordable and yet pretty cool time pieces. The Intelligent Quartz series comes with nice gimmicks like altimeters and compasses, and despite these nerdish functions, they still look pretty good. The Linear Chronograph line takes a different approach in order to display the chronograph function of the watch, in a unique way. Instead … continue reading

$225 Buy

‘The Yacht Week’ Might Be Your Best Week. Ever!

I know a bunch of people who keep lists with the things they want to do in the following years or at least for once in their lifetime. I think that we all have a list like that, even if we keep it in our minds and don’t write down our wishes. Well, one of the things from my to-do list is enjoying a great experience on The Yacht Week, which is the greatest party and sailing event in the … continue reading

$550 Buy

The Racer By DP Customs

You can instantly recognize a bike made by those cool dudes from DP Customs, and by all means, their Racer is continuing that tradition with flying colors. The DNA in those DP bikes is still obvious in their latest creation. The racer is running on a 1200 cc Evo engine, powered by dual plug heads and inspired from  the Brabham BT 44 bike, featuring a Martini Racing livery. The handle bars of the motorcycle were lowered, in order to put the … continue reading