[adsense300gray]If you’re tired of wearing regular sneakers that don’t really express anything and are simply too average for your tastes, check out some nice looking shoes, the John Varvatos X Converse Weapon Studded Mid Sneakers. I know, they have a long name, but believe me, it’s proportional to their “personality”.

The collaboration between John Varvatos and Converse is delighting us with some high quality shoes that aren’t only durable, but very modern and stylish, with a twist of S&M. At first glance, these babies seem to be nothing more than a casual pair of shoes taken from a rocker’s closet, which is pretty cool, actually, but they’re more than that, as when you take a closer look, you can observe the fine craftsmanship and attention to details. The combination of a nicely textured black leather and studded cone-shaped points from the back – which is the star of the show, actually – is really helping these shoes to kick their competitors’ butts, bringing coolness to another level.

Wearing these will not only make you look badass and even more charming (because, let’s be serious, what normal woman would like to see pink shoes, for instance, on her man’s feet ? I know my lady wouldn’t), but comfortable too, thanks to their nicely cushioned footbed.

John Varvatos X Converse Weapon Studded Mid Sneakers