If you’re the opposite of being a lazy couch potato and enjoy running for keeping yourself healthy and fit, Nike has some very cool shoes for you, the Nike Air Vortex Vintage. These babies belong to the V-Series (Vortex, Vengeance and Venture) which were launched back in 1985 and they were targeting  the hard-core runners audience, having a great success thanks to their excellently designed, comfortable and good looking shoes.

Well, the V-Series have been “resurrected” and now they are here, for those of you gentlemen who want something classic, yet fashionable. These Nikes are made for running, but you can also use them on a daily basis as your casual shoes; that’s because  they’re nice and comfy at all times and, besides that, very stylish.

The Nike Air cushioning is extremely lightweight, but very durable and plays an important role for offering you  great protection and comfort, making your feet very happy.
The Vortex Vintage sneakers combine nylon and leather and also feature some nice suede overlays. For pleasing everyone’s tastes, the sneakers shoes come in a lot of combinations of colors, so you’ll have what to choose if you’re into red, green, navy, gray and others.

Nike Air Vortex Vintage1

Nike Air Vortex Vintage2

Nike Air Vortex Vintage

Nike Air Vortex Vintage3