The Local Bike

If you’re needing a way for getting around your neighborhood for buying groceries, carrying stuff to your friends or taking your kids to school, you’ll be very happy to meet the Local bike. The guys from fuseproject (a well-known company that specializes in industrial design and brand strategy) worked together with SyCip, a bike builder, and the result of their collaboration is this friendly and cute-looking bike that I was talking about. Having three wheels, this bike is actually a tricycle. The third wheel joins the … continue reading

Container Storage Cabinets

If it’s time for buying some new furniture for your home and you want something special that definitely steps out of the ordinary, check out a wacky collection of furniture designed by Made – The Container Storage Collection, one that you won’t see in the home of your average Joe. These guys have thought of creating something inspired from real life, but not the kind of thing you’d ever imagine having in your home. So, they released a collection of furniture that looks like… shipping … continue reading

$221 Buy

Canary. World’s First Smart Home Security Device

It’s amazing how the last couple of years have been a prime time for wireless, smart devices that have the potential to revolutionize the way we take care of ourselves, our possessions and how we deal with daily tasks. Here we have an example in that sense, with the world’s first smart home security device, called Canary. The campaign for funding this project is still running on Indiegogo and so far, the support it has received has been proportionate to the quality and potential of … continue reading

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Friday Inspiration #26

inspiration 26 Friday Inspiration #26

This is our weekly inspiration post featuring cool, stylish, awesome stuff and then some more breathtaking and sexy ladies. You can always follow us on most of the social networks – you know the drill. If you’re dying to find out more about any of the stuff here, just use the comments system below and we’ll get back to you asap. Have an amazing week-end and stay smart!

Vans Old Skool Reissue CA

Just in time for the new fall season, Vans California introduces these leather babies – the Old Skool Reissue in black leather. So that you would look bad-ass even in sneakers. They’re a perfect match for any respectable leather jacket, and especially comfortable and warm. It’s a solid shoe, with a tumbled leather upper, thick gold/brown boot laces and a vanilla vulcanized sole underneath. While we’re not quite sure those hiker laces are such a good idea, the shoes are as good as Vans get. … continue reading

$110 Buy

Good in Bed? Speadsheets App Has The Answer

Just when I think I’ve heard it all regarding crazy, funny or weird stuff, I stumbled upon Spreadsheets. It doesn’t really ring a bell if you’re expecting something intriguing. But it is, as I’m not referring to anything document-related. No, sir. The Spreadsheets I’m talking about is a peculiar iTunes application that monitors your sexual performances. To be more specific, it uses the built-in microphone and accelerometer from your iPhone and basically reviews your performances by offering feedback regarding the amount of noise you or … continue reading

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Dartz Motorz Prombron

Dartz Motorz has an interesting history, almost two centuries long. They are a Latvian based company specialized in designing, building and selling high performance  armoured vehicles, which will cost you an arm and a leg. They are best known for building custom cars for tzars and dictators in the past, the “rock stars” of their times, sort of speak. As they proudly describe it, Dartz Motorz history was written in the Royal Garages, the only people who could afford their masterpieces at the time. Afterwards, … continue reading

$500,000 Buy

The HOT SmartWatch from PHTL

Nowadays, having a smartphone is no longer so cool or trendy, as the smartwatches invaded the world of gadgets and plan to steal a significant part from your smartphone’s duties and some of the attention you pay to it daily. The HOT Watch is expected to be the one smartwatch to rule them all, being the first of its kind that has support for all the call features (speaker, contacts, caller ID and private call) and some messaging ones (text, email, Facebook and Twitter) , … continue reading

$129 Buy