If you did not find a pair under the Christmas tree, you might want to go ahead and grab one of these Nike pairs from the store. Nike SB Free Premium shoes is the first pair of skateboarding shoes made to flex along with the foot and allow natural movement when under stress.

According to producers, Nike SB Free was designed to sync with even the tiniest foot movement when skating. This is why it facilitates natural motion and does not interfere and produce damage. In order to achieve this level of quality, developers took notice of how Nike Free technology works on other sports footwear and translated into the particular needs of skaters.

[adsense300gray]Connection to the board is the base of skating and Nike SB Free gives great grip, balance and feel. Again, according to Nike, SB Free offers an unique flexibility increase and different feeling of the board, producing more control and faster progression. Nike SB Free sneakers can be worn all day long without having uncomfortable feelings. The suede placed above the strong outsole is designed to ensure ventilation, allowing feet to breathe and keep the same level of comfort for prolonged periods of use.

As we have already been taught by the trend, this SB model comes into two versions: all-black or all-white colorway. Is it difficult to choose between black and white? We don’t know. However it is certain that the premium suede along with the Nike Free technology really got together in a product that perfectly fits the feet and needs of skaters.