If you’re looking to refresh your style, then you should take into consideration the new suede lace-up boots from Officine Creative. It produces contemporary footwear, anything from elegant with a romantic touch to sport shoes. Its uniqueness is given by the organic materials used, combined with the latest production techniques. The result is a mix between old and new, past and future.

The shoes are made up of soft taupe suede, finished with a small heel, providing a touch of height, a minimalist finish, which creates a chic effect. There are some important details that make these shoes unique and gives its owner an interesting looks: stacked wooden heel, lace up, inscription of an Italian biblical passage, from the Gospel of John.

[adsense300gray]The Officine Creative Boots are designed above the ankle, so you’ll be comfortable all the time; plus – there is no reason to be worried anymore, you’ll find your size and it will fit. If you have a half size, then it’s better to go down to the nearest whole size.

So what are you waiting for? If style is what defines you, then Officine Creative is perfect for you! Reinvent yourself and choose the Suede lace-up boots, made in Italy, if you’re style is slick, casual or you just want to combine both.