Ariel Nomad. The Mucky Brother of Atom

The philosophy behind Ariel Motor is pretty simple to explain: keep it lightweight, keep it simple and make sure it is fast and fun. This is how their first car came out – the Atom. The aim was to create a sports car ready to take on one of the most basic purposes: be fast on the road and receive tons of fun from this. Now, everything was taken out of the road, and a new baby was born: the Nomad. This modern … continue reading

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The Vessyl Cup Figures Out What You’re Drinking

Since health magazines started flourishing we’ve been bombarded by the idea that the human body requires 2 liters of water each day; that’s about eight glasses. However, we can clearly tell that not two people are alike, thus we require different approaches when it comes to hydration, calories intake, fat burning and so on. What if a “wonder” cup could solve all these problems? That’s Vessyl. The cup had to look good on a table, and we think it succeed quite well. It holds … continue reading

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Zombie Safe Zone Maps

Streets are getting lonely, cars are hanging without a driver, creaks and crunches all around, but no people. Suddenly, a horde of man-like monsters are chasing you. Sounds just like the standard plot for a zombie movie, right? Well, in case something like this might happen in the near future, a map of safe zones might be adequate to have. I mean, if Pentagon has a strategy to counter a possible zombie apocalypse, why would you be less prepared? The guys behind Design … continue reading

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Gogoro Is The World’s First Smartscooter

After many years of silence, Taiwanese startup Gogoro brings us the news that the electric scooter is finally out on the market. The novelty of this new product are the batteries – an essential part of this scooter. The first ones who tried it are saying that it is probably the coolest two – wheeled vehicle on the market. At the moment, Gogoro hasn’t confirmed how much it will cost – this fact being a possible issue for those who are thinking about acquiring … continue reading

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Silver Arrows Project. Most Advanced Prints Ever Made

It isn’t quite easy or affordable to get your own race car from the 30’s – it is however pretty easy to acquire a high quality print of one historical moment from golden racing years. The Silver Arrows Project represents the work of two Czech design artists who took history, innovation and CGI to the next level; or even further you might say. The main purpose was to preserve the original details as much as possible; this way, every element was designed separately, … continue reading

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Breeze Breathalyzer Tells You When You’ll Be Sober Again

Drinking and driving is not the perfect combination at all. But since we are surrounded by technology, why not use it to our benefit? The Breeze Breathometer was designed to help you avoid driving under the influence of alcohol and get you safe back home. You simply launch the Breathometer app, power on the Breeze, blow for five seconds and find out in no time what your blood alcohol concentration level is. Besides this, depending on the results, the Breathometer app will also … continue reading

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Smart Kapp Is A Connected, Smart Whiteboard

You know how annoying it is to write notes during a meeting, take a blurry picture of your work to share with colleagues or saying that you will remember all that has been discussed but you know you won’t? The Smart Kapp dry-erase board has been designed to improve business productivity and collaboration. Just plug it in, download the app from the App Store and us the QR-code to connect. Android users can simply download the app from Google Play and pair their … continue reading

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Nike Kobe 9 KRM EXT Black Mamba

The much awaited “Black Mamba” Nike Kobe 9 High KRM EXT are finally on the market and they are everything we expected and more! Released on December 31st, the awesome sneakers are already on Kobe fans’ wish lists. Kobe’s nine signature sneakers is not something new as we have seen uncountable variations of them, but the 9 KRM have just raised the bar way higher. These monotone sneakers feature synthetic black mamba skin and textured leather around the ankle running down the heel … continue reading

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