• CamCarry Handmade Leather Camera Case

CamCarry Handmade Leather Camera Case

You have a passion for photography and you love you awesome camera you have just bought. There is one issue though. You do not have an elegant camera bag to carry it around everywhere you go. You need something minimalistic, but at the same time practical and easy-access? CamCarry is exactly what you are looking for. Made of high quality leather, with a simplistic, yet elegant design, each case is carefully hand crafted. The result? A unique leather case, made of vegetable tanned leather. … continue reading

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Friday Inspiration #95


This is the Original Friday Inspiration series – amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness. You have a full weekend ahead, so use it wisely and don’t waste your days of rest on resting!

The Loft Apartment In Amsterdam

Amsterdam Loft

The Loft is a breath taking Amsterdam apartment where a carefully curated collection of design, art and craft culminate in one inspiring interior design experience. All hand picked and pleasantly pieced together. From the tables and chairs to the carpets on the floor and even the books on the bedside table – everything in the Loft is for sale. During the month the Loft is open, a variety of inspiring events will be hosted in the Loft, ranging from dinner clubs and movie nights to lectures and high teas.

This Is How Our Future Cars Might Look Like

  • This Is How Our Future Cars Might Look Like

Hey speedsters, are you curious to find out what kind of cars will hit the roads in the future? What are the big car makers planning? Surely they have lots of goodies in store! Year after year they launch concept models which look as if they escaped from a Sci-Fi movie! With a radical (and often aerodynamic) design, cutting-edge engine, outrageous accessories, special features and more – concept cars are the materialization of your wildest dreams! You’re anxious, I know! That’s why we have … continue reading

  • Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Brew Coffeemaker

Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Brew Coffeemaker

It is so warm and cozy under the blanket and you would give anything to see the coffee already made when you get off the bed. If only you could only press a button on your phone and have the coffee ready in no time. Oh, wait! You can do that. Mr. Coffee offers you the state-of-the-art smart Optimal Brew coffeemaker. Simply use the WeMo app and brew coffee from wherever you are. You can schedule and adjust brew time, or set up … continue reading

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  • Level Deck Jumpstarts Your Blood Flow

Level Deck Jumpstarts Your Blood Flow

The way we sit at work and at home is a long time due problem that could probably enhance our lives greatly if solved. The average person spends almost 8 hours sitting on a chair, in front of a desk, either at work or at home. Didn’t you get to the point where you hate sitting down and getting numb? Fluidstance, a company targeting health improvement solutions, released The Level: a board that jumpstarts your blood flow and increases your heart beat. The … continue reading

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Mini Cooper S 5-Door First Drive Review

2015 Mini Cooper S 5 Door

The name Mini usually points towards something small and classy, but the British automaker is diversifying its products by always testing the limits of the auto category. In this very same situation resides the new 5-door Mini for which the 4 meters in length do not account for a big car, but slightly bigger than a Mini should be.

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  • MOTA Smartring Brings News To Your Fingertips

MOTA Smartring Brings News To Your Fingertips

It is not very polite to answer the phone while in a meeting, and it is especially embarrassing when it rings from the bottom of a purse and you can’t quickly turn it off. Even smart watches require you to pull up your sleeve in order to view different updates and notifications. However, when it comes to MOTA Smartring, social network updates, calls and e-mail are at your fingertips; literally. The ring connects to your Android or iOS smartphone through Bluetooth 4.0 technology … continue reading

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