A wise man once said, The difference between men and boys is facial hair. Ergo: the beard. Hipster culture has thrown the spotlight back on it, and your ability to grow one. Worry not. We have the ultimate guide that encapsulates the best facial hair styles and grooming tips for 2019.

The Top Beard Styles

Here are the top 3 styles you should be sporting this year:

  • The Thick Stubble

Not as faint a stubble, or as thick as a full beard: The thick stubble is ideal if you are looking for something stylish, yet easy to manage. The style also allows you to alternate between a clean shaven look and a bearded one without shocking your neighbours.

  • The Hipster Beard

The one style that has been trending since the past few years. The long, luxurious hipster beard is certainly the envy of all those who cannot grow one. Nothing spells macho as this particular style. But it does require a bit of maintenance on a regular basis.

  • The Short Beard

The go-to style for most men in 2019. The short, no fuss beard looks smart, professional, and does not require heavy maintenance. Plus it combines well with the trending hairstyles of the year. (Link to best short hairstyles of 2019).

Top Grooming Tips

Growing a beard is one thing, grooming it is another. Two products are all that you need for a well-groomed beard:

  • Beard oil

After your bath, drop a bit of oil on your fingertips and apply it on your beard. This will keep the facial hair soft and fizz-free.

  • Beard brush

Ideally made from wood, the beard brush improves circulation, encouraging growth, and keeping your beard neat and tidy. Comb after applying oil.


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