You know Wings + Horns, don’t you ? If not, you should really check out what these guys have to offer when it comes to high-quality men’s clothing. Based in Canada, Wings + Horns is the kind of brand that leaves you deeply impressed by the high quality materials used, flawless craftsmanship and, last, but not least, the eye-catching design for their products.

[adsense300gray]I have a nice pair of premium sneakers for you guys to admire. Say hello to a nice pair of Wings + Horns leather high tops that come in two color versions, black and white.
Their design is rather simple, for you gentlemen who want something good looking made with good taste, not a Christmas tree. Besides being handsome, these babies are very durable, as they’re being made from a high quality calfskin leather, have some stylish leather laces and a thick, white rubber sole. As a bonus, for a more “bad-ass” look and also for adding more ease when putting them on, you have some nice silver zippers on each exterior side.

The combination between a simplistic, stylish and premium design really hits the spot with these if you want to get something reliable and good-looking. Their price is a little bit on the spicy side, but these babies are really worth the investment.

Wings+Horns Leather High Tops