Rainbow Six Siege is a project in the session shooter genre, in which terrorists and special forces clash in battle.

In a sense, the CS GO model is used, but very distant, because Ubisoft added many of their own mechanics.

Firstly, there are always terrorists on the defensive who have already captured the building and placed bombs, or taken hostages and now the special forces must knock them out, playing as an attack.

During the match, each player will have time to play for both sides in their gameplay within one match.

Most objects in buildings will be subject to destruction, and you can put your hand into this gameplay and act not only along standard paths, doors and windows, but also break through new paths and walls, blowing up the roof, making your way into the building in different ways to solve your problems.

Terrorists, on the contrary, will be able to fortify some buildings and mine entrances to simplify their defense.

Each match is not only a battle of personal shooting skill and team actions, a battle of minds and technical aspects and of course luck, which will affect your final r6 boosting.

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Carrying out assault actions is always easier than being on the defensive, because you always have an advantage.

You can combine your strike with all your forces at one point, and the defencists must distribute their forces to cover a large number of points into which special forces may break through.

You need to scout the area visually and using drones and plan your attack tactics, which can vary greatly.

You can play a quick tactic when 5 players storm a point at once and make their way inside the building, and do not allow the opponents to come to their senses and pull themselves together to repel the attack at the same time.

You need to immediately knock out the defencist, gain a foothold and begin clearing mines, or removing hostages, while the rest of the players hold off the opponents.

This tactic won’t always work, but it can be done periodically to gain extra rounds and turn the match economy around and get a rank boost in R6.

You can play at a medium pace – for this you need to split up the team, check the entire territory, find points fortified by terrorists and maybe even catch a few enemies during reconnaissance.

Next, you choose a point and strike, preferably from several sides – you can blow up the roof and wall and attack at the same time to confuse your enemies and destroy them.

You can play at a slow pace to study the map and hold out almost until the end of the round and not let the enemy understand the point of your attack and launch a quick attack to take the enemies by surprise and inflict damage on the terrorists and clear the map, or take out the hostages – there will be little time, so act quickly but in an organized manner.


Terrorists, on the one hand, will be in a more losing situation, but on the other hand, you will have more opportunities to strengthen the defense and hold it until other allies approach.

Special forces often attack together, or separately, but from two sides, and terrorists divide their forces and must hold the defense until other players approach.

You need to strengthen points that you consider dangerous for assault, and the enemies will have to use more effort to break through and will need to use special agents who destroy the fortifications.

You can also play aggressively on defense, but it is better not to overuse this, especially if the enemy has already adapted to this tactic and is effectively resisting it.

You just don’t sit in cover, but go out and deal damage to enemies and immediately move away. If you can quickly create an advantage for your team, then this will give a good chance of completing the assault in your favor, because it will be easier and simpler for the player who will hold back the onslaught of the special forces.

In general, you need two players to occupy important points on the game map and fortify them so that they can repel the attack and wait for reinforcements to arrive.

You don’t even have to kill the enemies, it’s important to pin them down in battle, and when other players approach, then the chances of a boost in Rainbow Six Siege.


R6 from Ubisoft has its own agent system that uses different tools in both teams.

You can choose a hero who will do reconnaissance and explore the building and surroundings using a drone or hacking cameras.

You can choose a hero who can strengthen or break through fortifications. On the territory of the buildings in which the match takes place there are many weak points that can be broken through, or strengthened in order to slow down the advance of opponents, or complicate their gameplay and block the simplest and most primitive tactics, or, on the contrary, lead enemies into a trap when they rebuild for an attack in a new one point and there they will fall into a trap or run into mines.

You can choose a hero who can plant mines, or, on the contrary, clear them and thereby complicate assaults, or terrorists’ approaches to a bomb that is already being cleared by special forces.


Each player will have his own rank, which will increase or decrease depending on victories and defeats in matches and personal statistics of kills, deaths and assistance to his ally.

You need to play more matches and look for a permanent team, and then quantity will turn into quality and your personal level of play will be higher than that of your opponents, and you will receive a well-deserved rank increase in the project from Ubisoft

It’s worth clarifying right away that defeat in matches does not always guarantee a lower rank in R6. If you play well and essentially carry the team on you, the system will retain your rank and give you new chances to increase your rating.