[adsense300gray]Just when I think I’ve heard it all regarding crazy, funny or weird stuff, I stumbled upon Spreadsheets. It doesn’t really ring a bell if you’re expecting something intriguing. But it is, as I’m not referring to anything document-related. No, sir. The Spreadsheets I’m talking about is a peculiar iTunes application that monitors your sexual performances. To be more specific, it uses the built-in microphone and accelerometer from your iPhone and basically reviews your performances by offering feedback regarding the amount of noise you or your partner produce and how loud it gets, how long do you “last” or the number of thrusts you produce.

But there’s even more to it, Spreadsheets also gives you achievement points if you unlock certain levels, such as “Lazy Sunday”, which offers you 20 points if you have intercourse 5 times on a Sunday and more.

The data stored by Spreadsheets is safe, only being kept on your phone and can’t be synced to the Internet or backed up if you delete it.

Basically, Spreadsheets is all about speed, volume and time. The higher these get, the better you are in bed… theoretically. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really think that, for instance, a 5-hour lay with some demonic screams involved necessarily equals with good sex. I already see a lot of youngsters showing off their scores on Facebook, to their school mates and so on.