Nostalgia is in the air. Right from pop culture to high fashion, the retro vibe has been embraced with open arms. The Internet Machine has thrown its hat into the old school ring with VHS video uploads.

VHS. We Are Not Kidding.

We don’t blame you if you don’t believe us. After all, the old video format is long dead and buried in our 4K, Ultra HD times. The catch is that some of our best childhood memories came in the form of grainy images. You can now relive those sepia-tinted flashbacks with the VHS Vault.

The Internet Machine has developed a reputation for putting out geeky, fun stuff for us to consume. Case in point, the Wayback Machine. With the VHS Vault, they have attempted to dig up some real gold that was recorded on magnetic tapes. The result is pure fun, tinged with nostalgia of course.

Take a look at the Nickelodeon commercial breaks of 1998: One of the best examples of what the Vault can offer. Our favorite, however, is the goofy VHS Cleaner PSA. Nothing captures the zeitgeist of the 90s quite like it.

Take A Retro Trip

With everything going digital, the VHS Vault offers a window into an analogue age. Extinct just like the dinosaurs.