Are you in the market form a new water bottle? Did you manage to destroy or lose another water bottle? Are you sick of being asked super rhetorical questions? Well the Vargo Titanium Para-Bottle may just be the answer to your questions.

This destruction resistant bottle is built in such a way that you don’t have to worry. The word titanium isn’t just a moniker, it’s the actual metal the product is created from. This dent free design can not only maintain its key features for quite some time, but it’s designed to be useful in a myriad of situations. The Bottle is hooked with a 7 foot survival para-cord for its handle. Of course the cord is threaded in such a way so you aren’t trying to manage 7 feet of cord, but it’s useful in many situations.

On top of that the subtle design features add a solid benefit to the design. The lid is machined individually, and can fit most water filters, so finding water in the wild is no great issue. Plus the shape is thin enough where the bottle can fit into most holders. Plus with the design being the way it is, you can expect a high end look for it.

In the end, you expect a lot from the equipment you carry in a wide variety of situations. This water bottle is one more piece that you can help you in the times that you need it most. If you’re looking to pick one up yourself, just click here.

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