If you ever wanted to wear unbuttoned shirts but did not know how to style them correctly, this article is made for you. An attractive casual and even classy look for men. It could be worn in various different types of styles.

Actually, one of the most loved artists of 2022 wears unbuttoned shirts quite often. That being Harry Styles. With his loved and famous look, Harry wears his shirts with pride.

Add Accessories 

If your neck feels too naked and it makes you uncomfortable accessories always help. Wearing jewelry is helpful. It makes you confident and it also spices up your outfit. Chains, diamonds, pearls and more can always make a gentleman look classy. Wearing necklaces over necklaces is even better. You might think it looks cluttering but believe it or not it’s very appealing.

Source: fashionbeans.com

Wear your best color

Wearing your favorite button-up and best color might make it easier to unbutton. Simply wear a color that you know looks great on you. There is no mistake in that and it will definitely look surprisingly good. Even better match it with similar or pairing colors for your pants and shoes. Wearing a color that matches your skin tone is also important. Being paler could mean darker colors match your style or for darker skin tones clean light neutrals or whites would go perfectly.

Tucked in or tucked out?

Sometimes this is a hard decision to make. Should you tuck it in or let it out? To be honest, there is no correct answer, whatever makes you most comfortable is the perfect fit.

If you are shorter and you want to appear taller do not tuck in your shirt. Although, if you feel tall enough you can wear your shirt tucked or untucked at any time. But to be fair each with its own style looks great!

Don’t forget confidence

What is the best way to wear anything? Confidence! There is no way to style unbuttoned shirts if you are not confident with them. Make sure you wear that shirt with a smile on your face to complete the look.

If you are not ready on the other hand that is also completely fine. Actually, you can build up confidence. You can wear your button-up shirt and unbutton it button by button every time you go out. Or even wearing a shirt under your button-up can also be a big help to build up the confidence you need.

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