Most physical characters of ours let it be weight, curves, bumps and whatnot, can be altered using science. You can get a nose job, lose weight and have stuff removed. There are a few things we can’t change, that’s our height.

I won’t go into too much detail how someone taller can and is perceived to be more attractive in most cultures, especially western ones. The reasons also make sense, tall people have more options and things just fit them better in most cases.

It’s a type of chain reaction. Being taller makes you feel more confident, which in turn will get you acting more confident, which finally will attract success from society (ahem: successful people are attracted to others like them)

So women with this issue have it better, they have more options than us men. They have the amazing invention of the high heel. These shoes are magic, they give you height at the same time as being socially acceptable, if not even sexier to us guys.

But what do we have? Not much options. You could wear bulky boots, which have a small heel of an inch or so. But many times that doesn’t fit the cocktail party or clubbing scene, so what’s the answer? Not sure, but we want show you a new product that could help many of you out there.

Introducing AddHeight, a special insole, designed to fit all shoes and give you an extra 2”. It won’t make you the tallest man in the room, but it’s just enough added height to feel a difference.


What’s special about these?

  • Works with every shoe
  • Designed to be comfortable unlike some regular insoles
  • Money back guarantee (always good)
  • Patent-pending technology inside the insoles


Are there other products that provide something similar? Yes, but there’s a key difference. AddHeight is made from some of the best materials imaginable. They use memory foam, gel and a patent pending base. There’s really nothing out there in the world like this.

Their official site, – check them out!


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