Summer is here, and with it, a golden opportunity to show off your well-toned body. If you are still carrying signs of all the comfort food you ate during the winter, here are three home-based exercises to torch the belly fat:

1. The Jackknife

This is what judo practitioners and other elite athletes use to get in rip-roaring shape. Lay down on your back on with your legs stretched out and your hands stretched over your head.

Now bring your hands and legs together, with your fingers touching the shins or the toes, like a folding jackknife. The movement is simple, but can take a bit of time to perfect. Once you do, your abs will never look the same again. Aim for 10 repetitions spread over three sets.

2. The Plank

None other than Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the fittest bodies on the planet, swears by this ab exercise.

On a yoga mat, place your elbows shoulder-width apart; then stretch out your legs, resting your body weight on the toes. Keep your body parallel to the floor, using your elbows and legs. Hold for a minute, then repeat.

3. The Bicycle

Cycling is one of the best aerobic exercises one can think of. Now you can imitate the same motion right at home without any machines. Lie down on your back with your hands near your ears and your legs stretched out.

Now bring your right hand and left leg together, the elbow touching knee. Repeat the same with the other hand and leg. The repetition should occur in a continuous motion without the legs touching the floor.

Do one set for a minute, then rest and repeat.      


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