It is difficult to think of fitness today without a tracker or wearable. The digital aids have helped in boosting our regular workouts. Here are the top 5 wearables for home workouts: 

1. HYFIT Gear 1

HYFIT is not just a wearable: It’s a complete training system. The kit includes resistance bands, joint straps, and even a cute door handle that says ‘Workout In Progress. The app provides impressive coaching. 

2. Lumafit

Everyone works out their body. What about the mind? With Lumafit, you can do both. The wearable provides interactive coaching, mediation guidance, and keeps a tab on your heart rate. A complete virtual coach. 

3. Motiv Ring

One ring for all your home workouts. Tolkien inspiration aside, the Motiv monitors all essential components of your workout: Active minutes, calories burned, distance, heart rate, sleep, and steps. The sleek, subtle style is another plus.  

4. Catapult’s Playr

The Playr is originally intended for high performance activities, but anyone can use it. The wearable vest breaks down different aspects of your workout, measuring performance in different segments. It even has a built-in coach to help you get fitter.

5. Apple Watch

The sheer versatility of Apple’s smartwatch is hard to resist. Not only can you track your various workouts, but answer calls, reply to messages, and much more.