[adsense300gray]If you’re the kind of person that enjoys the great outdoors and loves exploring them from time to time, you should meet Yonder (if you haven’t already), a cool free iPhone application that brings you a lot of benefits when you’re out, in the wild, exploring the beauties of nature.

So, what does it do ? Yonder links people that love going out, in the nature, and allows them to share their experiences from the places they have been, so they’ll be visible to whoever passes in the same area again and also uses Yonder.

To be more precise, it finds your location through your GPS and, if you write about something interesting that happened there, it links your experience to that place so it can be visible to other passers too. Oh, you can take pictures or shoot videos too, of course, and share everything on Facebook and Twitter – who knows, maybe you manage to make them couch potatoes move out from their beloved home and see the sun once in a while.
Altogether, Yonder is a great social application that’s very useful when finding yourself in the heart of the nature, allowing you to know out more about the places you’re exploring or find new ones that are worth seeing.