I personally can’t use a disposable razor for more than 3 times. My barbed-wire like facial hair simply won’t let me. Since I’m not ready to cut myself up using straight razors, I usually go through about 4 razors / month. This way, I am actually spending close to $150 per year just for the razors, not considering shaving foam nor after-shave balm.

The issue resides in the sharpness of the razor. They work just fine when brand new, but tend to deteriorate fast. Furthermore, if you’re having tough facial hair like I do, chances are you went through the pain of clingy razors. The Strop ($38) offers a rather simple way of sharpening disposable razors. Apparently, you just have to swoosh the abrasive part of the strip and the razor cleanses and sharpens.

Testimonials reveal that people used less razors than before after buying The Strop. This sharpening strip works with any disposable razor, no matter how many blades it encapsulates. You know what I find awesome? Shave Face, the entity behind the Strop, embosses your initials on every product you buy.

Shaveface The Strop Sharpener Shaveface The Strop Sharpener Shaveface The Strop Sharpener