Morrama, the London-based startup presents the Angle Razor. The main target is to bring back the old-style shaving, featuring the actual ritual through which a man grooms his facial hair.

The Angle Razor is machined from quality aluminum. Its design is capable of accomodating almost any disposable razor. It doesn’t matter if you bought them from the corner store or a premium grooming shop, the Angle Razor can probably fit it.

Furthermore, the design lets the razor shave very precisely, even though there’s just a single blade. Angle Razor promises to work well either if you’re just aiming for a trim or a fully fledged wet shaving.

The pivot point is well placed to provide optimum balance between the blade and the handle. You also get to grip the handle as close as possible to the razor, allowing for some very fine moves.

It is known that single blades tend to make your skin less prone to irritation. Also, it should also reduce the amount of nasty, painful ingrown hairs.

The technical term for the Angle Razor is shavette. However, unlike commercial shavettes, the Angle Razor promises to last. In terms of cost, the Angle Razor proves to be cheaper on the long term. This is thanks to its design, not needing a strop or any sharpening tool.

Be advised! Learning how to shave with a straight blade takes some time, and you should practice carefully before going full on. This way, you will avoid cutting yourself (erm, too much)  at first.

You can back the Angle Razor project on Kickstarter ($77)


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