I thought of this a long time ago. What if a keyboard could give you the possibility to shortcut your way to desktop applications or let you handle the interface of your computer in a simplified yet stylish manner. I heard about macros, I know what you may think, that this happened a long time ago already. No, this is not the case. Macros could be hard to remember (when you have many of them), difficult to set up and at times they don’t give you the efficiency you are looking for. Sonder Design comes up with the maximum maneuverability you are to get from a keyboard. You can set it up to work as intended for anything, should that be gaming or working.


For the first time a keyboard lets you display app-specific layouts on the keys for all your applications. Translation to this is that you can push a keyboard one time and open up your favourite e-mail application, and a second time to get you on your last document you’ve worked on. You can basically customise the way you want using it for English, French, Mandarin, make it QWERTY or DVORAK. It’s also very light at touch, and it does seem pretty resilient. Featurwise it’s an A+. Speaking about design, there is no other color to choose from other than white, although I don’t find that to be much of a distress, because you get a white glow at night coming out from it, lending you a bit of a helping hand in times of such needs. It’s available on preorder, give it a look, you can decide later.