Style. Sound. Sleek design. V Moda has always pushed the boundaries in wearable sound devices. And now they have added new-age tech as well. 

M-200 ANC Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones have been ruling the roost for the past few years. Few models, however, come close to the M-200. What V Moda has done with their brand new headphones is keep the essentials and cut out all the bulk. You will be hard pressed to find a better looking pair of headphones. 

The design is sleek, and the headphones feel lightweight to wear. But the real magic happens on the inside. 

V Moda has introduced noise cancelling tech for the M-200. And there is more. The ambient noise cancelling tech enables a purer listening experience. There is also the audio engineering that allows the sound to be crisp and crystal clear.

For added effect, there is Bluetooth 5.0, support for Qualcomm aptX HD and AAC streaming, Ok Google, and EQ customisation. Sounds to us like a complete pair of headphones, if there ever was one. 

A New Step For Sound

The M-200 ANC Headphones gives us a sneak peek of what future sound wear will probably look and feel like. 

The M-200 retails for $499.99