Whether you are lean, short, tall or wide, the fact of the matter is men come in all shapes and sizes just like women, which means there are clothes better suited to making you look your best. His Potion has devised a guide to know what to search for when it comes to your attire, and what to leave by the wayside.


Simply put, there’s nothing more unflattering than ill-fitting clothes. Dressing for your shape is a concept that every man should grasp and then ultimately embrace if he is committed to looking as good as possible for his frame. There are a few body types in the male spectrum, and some men fall into more than one category, making it important to streamline strategies for your specific physique. Being honest with your physical appearance can save you both time and money when it comes time to add pieces to your wardrobe.


The Trapezoid

Men with the trapezoid body type possess broad shoulders and chest, coupled with narrow hips and waist. Considered one of the easier body types to dress for men, it also means that most labels provide more clothes to fit this physique. Men that have a trapezoid frame have more opportunity to experiment with the latest looks trending, so the option to explore bolder patterns or avant-garde shapes is something worth considering. Try striped shirts, V-neck tees, and jumpers that elongate the midsection, and double-breasted suits to minimize the barrel chest effect. Looks to avoid include skinny jeans, scoop neck shirts, or jackets with shoulder pads.


The Rectangle

Men with a narrow build that goes straight up and down have to wear certain patterns and materials to subtly add definition to their frame. The best way to achieve size to a rectangle frame is by layering, opting for tailored blazers paired with slim fit pants that will add a bit of dimension to smaller frames. This frame works best when the shoulders are optically widened as the lower torso is lowered. Men with a rectangle frame should avoid double-breasted jackets and blocked colors on the torso.


The Inverted Triangle

Men that possess a chest and shoulders that are substantially broader than their hips and waist can be categorized under the inverted triangle label. The objective of men under this umbrella should be on a mission to add size to their lower body while minimizing slightly the upper torso. Say yes to horizontal stripes, V-neck t-shirts, tailored shirts, straight-leg pants. Say no to scooped necks, wide lapels, and prints.


The Triangle

Men with more meat around their hips and waist fall under the triangle label which dictates rifling through clothing that accentuates your best physical attributes while downplaying others. Vertical stripes will effectively slim down your silhouette, and single-breasted suits will result in a more slimming fit. Triangular men should steer clear of fitted polo shirts, ‘busy’ prints, and above everything else?

Skinny jeans.


The Oval

Men that are oval or pear-shaped are round all around and need clothing that gives the appearance of slimmer legs and shoulders. To reduce the negatives, oval men should opt for vertical stripes, fitted trousers, and ensure that pants and sleeves are always just the right length. Definite clothing options to avoid are horizontal stripes, double-breasted tailoring, and boots which can give off an even shorter appearance. When all else fails, the oval man should invest in solid hues and fabrics for their frame.

Final Styling Tips

For men that are of a certain size (approximately 5’9” and under), stay away from over-sized pants. Instead, choose pants with a tapered waist and flat fronts for the ultimate fit. Taller men should invest in cropped pants, with tailored jackets an absolute must.

Trends come and go, and sometimes it is best to allow trends to come and go without taking a dip in the water. Experimentation in fashion is an absolute, and suggestions are just that. At the end of the day, trust you own instincts and remember that the most important aspect when it comes to dressing is maintaining an excellent fit.