Professional teeth whitening requires a significant financial commitment. It may be rather expensive, and those “zingers” you get when the enamel is removed.

Pain is definitely beauty. For what it’s worth, bleaching your teeth at home is not exactly easy either, especially if you use the best whitening treatments and proceed cautiously and professionally.

A crucial fact to understand is if you don’t examine the habits that discolor white teeth, all of that labor, cash, and recuperation will be for nothing.

Flossing is important! Your favorite indulgences such as chocolate, spaghetti sauce, coffee, red wine, dark cola, even curries, soy sauce, and more are staining agents.

The reality is that these are the meals and beverages that will discolor your teeth the most likely. But in our opinion, it’s counterproductive to give up your favorite meals in order to maintain a white grin.

And after indulging in these items, you should concentrate on brushing and flossing as soon as possible.

It’s OK to decide against investing time and money in whitening your teeth. If that’s the case for you, avoid comparing your smile to others on TV or in real life who have extremely white teeth. This is because most celebrities have their teeth artificially whitened. Natural teeth are normally a tint of faded yellow.

Avoid smoking so much. If you are a smoker try to quit if your teeth are more important to you. All that smoke inhalation causes your teeth state to worsen. They will never be bright with smokers’ breath.

Or maybe you are just getting old… With time, your enamel stops protecting your teeth as well, much like your hair becomes thinner and your skin’s collagen production declines with age. It is totally normal.

As long as you go to the dentist for a routine check-up you have nothing to worry about. Your teeth are clean and healthy!


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