I tend to not let myself easily impressed. It’s not in my nature, I believe, because if one does so, he might end up finding himself unable to enjoy the real big things. These special moments come in different forms and shapes. Some are objects, simple or complicated, big or small, all finding their way through my soul’s maze – admit it, everyone was attached to something when they were kids. Yes, even you, my present reader. Well, others, which, I must say, bear a special meaning to me, are stored up not in a box forgotten somwhere in the attic of my childhood home, but in a magic box called memory. I am talking about moments, times generating feelings. I can simply imagine the special feel one must have when riding such great waves using a simple board. The control, the grip, all so slippery, yet so in touch, the intensity, the craving, they all make everything look sensational.


Extreme is not only about the sport in itself, but also about the video in equal matter: quality, beautiful angles, music selection, they’re all a great tribute to modern technology. With it, the whole experience is even more special. It was shot using a droneĀ at the coastal spot of Teahupo’o in Tahiti. There, I cannot see anyone smiling, but I can relate to their happiness. It has to be something emotional about it, besides the fun, and this video captions it perfectly. The way the waves bash the crystal-clear blue vastness, creating a landscape of tumultuous calmness, just look at it, no matter how brutally they get rejected, they never cease to come back, make another try, leaving to the surfer the decision, short time, to take part in this miracle of nature. Don’t regret a single second of this video, it’s great, you only have to embrace it, let it flow inside. You will find yourself wanting to be there, I can give you this guarantee.


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