Ever wondered how you could turn your home workout equipment into art when not using it? By purchasing this concept bike that resembles an odd futuristic sculpture and merges utility with decor. Most of the at-home-bikes are the heavy folding type that have to be stored away so as not to disturb the design of the room. They’re even less used due to the fact that getting them out of storage is an effort to make. Also, we’re known to be kind of lazy. So the workout you planned on getting with the buying of a stationary bike is rendered invalid. Like your hopes and dreams of getting fit. Neah, we’re just kidding. You probably don’t mind storing and unstoring your huge workout equipment. Heck, you might even have an entire room dedicated to just that. But that does not change the fact that this bike is a work of art that deserves a place in your living room. “Our goal was to create highly functional fitness equipment which, besides its sporting uses, will adorn any living room in the same way as an aesthetic sculpture,” says Matthis Hamann. Let’s hope you won’t want to just look at it.

Its elliptical movement trajectory offers users a smooth and impact-free workout while the large number of fancy features includes projectors built into the frame to create a “Tron-like” effect when the cycle is in use. Cool, huh?

While the price is to be announced, it’s estimated to be around a spicy $9,000. (Better get a gym membership. Just sayin’.)