What we see on a regular day while going to work or taking a walk can have a pretty strong influence over what we feel or think in those moments. A pretty common example for a better understanding of what I’m getting to: a sunny day is more beautiful than a rainy, gray one, and I’m not referring to anything else here except the colors that define each one of them.  Colors are important. This is why I’m going to introduce you to Tens.

[adsense300gray]Tens is a brand of sunglasses that aims to please its customers by adding more color to the world seen through sunglasses. The scratch-resistant lenses act like a filter and enhance the colors of everything around you, “warming” them up, while also protecting your eyes, as they’re provided with UV400 protection. They feature a unisex design and come in four colors: black, teal, navy and deep red. Even though you won’t be wearing them in rainy days, they’ll still be offering you a much prettier image of things in the rest of the time. I say they’re worth it.



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