Playing golf is a touch of class. Golf is more than a sport, it’s a complex of attitude and grace, a mix of patience and skill. You can have a business meeting anywhere, but say you need to make a business meeting look special – well, you might find yourself in a shortage of possible locations to do it, because you need more than simply space, you need atmosphere. But I am not here to lecture about things you already know, I am here to tell you about how to make that easier, getting from hole 1 to 18 easier than ever, playing golf fast-paced. Yes, that is a possibility should you use GolfBoard. These guys promise to us that golf could become the most attractive sport in the world, with rounds lasting less than three hours.


It uses a four wheele posi-traction drivetrain. Powered by lithium batteries, rechargeable, can make the experience of golfing more comfortable than ever, helping you carry the gear around on it, being eco friendly altogether. Controlling it is easy: you are given a remote control and you accelerate and brake, also turning it on and off. Steering it left and right is simple too – the handle is giving you full manoeuvrability. The joy of playing golf can find itself new dimensions – this cheeky concept makes things more attractive.