Mixing tunes is cool even if you’re not a pro. If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t wait any longer. Get your favorite music and start up with a virtual music mixing software. Then, if the concept sticks, you may want to check out Spinbox.

Spinbox is basically a shrunk-down version of a DJ gear, enough to fit in a bag. The package contains the base vinyl spinner and player, amplifier, circuit boards and speakers. Once you’ve assembled it together, it’s all plug and play. Yeah, you gotta build yourself.

Some audiophiles argue that vinyls do not provide the same quality as an Audio CD or high-end audio DVD. However, there’s the opposite camp of vinyl enthusiasts who state that black disks give an audio experience not found in digital music.

Whatever it may be the case, you can try it out for $99 – that’s currently the best offer on Kickstarter for one Spinbox. For $179 you can already switch to 2 vinyl players and go full-on DJ mode.

While I personally doubt Spinbox delivers the same quality as a properly set-up audio system, I’m pretty confident that vinyl sounds good regardless of the medium. If you are about to get a Spinbox, we’d love if you would share your experience with us on Facebook.