Long gone are the days when wearing glasses would only make you look smart – say hello to the glasses that are smart. We have comprised a list of six such must-have items, so that you can choose what will make you, in turn, smart (and the teeniest bit like Tony Stark. You probably won’t go around building robots any time soon, but changing the song just by talking to your glasses and playing with holographic images is a surefire start.) Enjoy, and let’s see how smart you can really get.

1. Meta Spaceglasses

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The Meta spaceglasses (that you can pre-order to have delivered by January 2015) have a giant 3D holographic HD screen, a 40 deg field of view (15 x Google Glass), all combined in an ultra high-end sleek and light weight design with independent pocket computing power. Wearing them will make you feel like Tony Stark, as if you could achieve anything. And that’s what technology’s all about – empowering people. Have holograms of your gadgets follow you around everywhere while you work with unlimited extra screens no matter where you are. Shape your ideas into holograms. Basically, holograms!

2. Atheer One

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Here we have an immersive 3D display with over a million apps at the tips of your fingers, sub-mm 3D hand interaction, all packed neatly in a 75 grams package that not only feels good, but also looks good. By wearing these you will unleash the power of your full potential, being able to work harder, play smarter and live richer. Bend the world around your fingers and make it all succumb to your imagination – there is no more limit. The naturalness of the interaction is one more asset of the Atheer One, while the dev kit is a welcome addition.

3. Cinemizer OLED

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If you want your smart glasses on the go, the Cinemizer is specifically tailored for mobile use, as its battery lasts for up to six hours. You can therefore watch a movie from your smartphone directly on the Cinemizer multimedia video glasses, no matter where you are. They are very versatile and can be connected to an iPod/iPhone, smartphone with HDMI or analog A/V interface, Blu-ray player, gaming consoles such as PS3 or XBox, PCs & notebooks, as well as other devices. As with the previous two glasses, these also have 3D support. No holograms though. We’re sorry.

4. Recon Jet

[icon_text color=”gray” type=”icon_tab”]$599[/icon_text] [icon_text color=”blue” type=”icon_shop”]Buy[/icon_text]

We’ve seen glasses made specifically for Iron Man wannabes, Star Wars fans with a love for holograms and cinema enthusiasts – but the Recon Jet smartglasses are made for sports. Providing instant data to the wearer, the Recon Jet is dubbed “the world’s most advanced wearable computer”, with a dual core CPU, Bluetooth, WiFi, optical touchpad, HD camera with a microphone and speaker, polarized lenses, High Res display and changeable battery. Designed with comfort in mind, they weight only 60 grams, ensuring maneuverability in any type of activity. The display can be read in any lighting conditions, making your voyage safe come rain come sun.

5. GlassUp

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Focused more on the useful side of what smartglasses have to offer, the GlassUp strays away from the entertainment branch and lands straight on the utility one – it will keep you up to date with everything you might need or not need to know, from app notifications, e-mails, driving directions, weather report, news, and so on. It will basically be your wearable personal assistant, keeping track of what you need. Looking like a normal pair of glasses, nobody will ever suspect you’re enhanced in any way, letting you impress everybody with your knowledge of Mandarin and impeccable accuracy in predicting the weather. And at a weight of only 20 g more than normal glasses, the GlassUp are just what we need for subtle everyday use. The most expensive version comes with prescription lenses and a camera. The regular, basic ones are $299. You can also buy them with Bitcoins. If that’s not cool, we don’t know what is.

6. Google Glass

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Last but not least, here we have the infamous Google Glass, the one that started it all. Designed for the movers and the makers, the Google Glass has everything from an app that lets you calculate your chances at Golf swings to sending messages hands free through SMS or Hangouts. Say “ok glass, listen to” in order to change the track you’re listening to. It’s that easy. Designed to fit your lifestyle, the Glass comes in many shapes, frames, earbuds and colors, being as versatile as the company that fathered it. The feather-light titanium frames fit perfectly, both with or without a prescription.

When all’s said and done, it’s up to you which smart device will adorn your face come 2015. We’ve presented the top six options, so make a smart choice depending on what you need. We’ll be waiting for next year as eagerly as all of you, so see you through smart lenses!


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