Long gone are the days when the must in terms of skateboard footwear were the iconic Vans. Times change – and although the Vans legacy will probably never die, some of us who enjoy the comfort of a skateboard shoe don’t always want to look like a teenager. What we want to bring forward today is a more mature design that Adidas has come up with by re-inventing the ZX running shoe.

This time, Adidas opted for only four colors of the skateboard style (so far), which in our eyes is an improvement, far from the rainbow collection of the running sneakers. We’re not against bold accents and patterns, but sometimes less is more. Despite their classic lines, these shoes still stand out through the dynamic, yet not over the top details, like the mudguard and patches and stitches that add support and comfort to your feet. Of course, the three Adidas lines are unmistakably placed on the suede upper, while the logo is engraved on the back, the tongue and the edge of the shoe and the vulcanized outsole.


The heel is padded to cushion any hard landings and the upper is made out of just one piece, in order to withstand the test of time and inevitable accidents. The bottom of the sneakers was designed to provide a sure grip and a precise board feel, and it’s very clear that Adidas really put their best effort into catering to skateboarders’ needs. They’re trying to make a name out of themselves in the skateboarding world by teaming up with pros and taking part in related events and we feel that this collection is also a great step towards their goal.

Only three of the four colors are available at the moment; you can choose between Grey-Navy, Collegiate-Navy and Black-Grey, while the bolder ones, brick colored, can be purchased beginning this fall. All in all, The ZX Vulcs are fairly priced and are a great alternative to the Nike pair on the days when comfort wins over high maintenance.


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