Seeing a person sitting cross-legged is very common but have you ever wondered is it harmful? Check your position before you read this because what you will find out might shock you!

This sitting position, often known as „European-style” sitting, will harm your back, knees, and other parts of your body. If you cross your left leg over your right leg or vice versa, this is the time to unlearn this bad habit that may damage you for life. There are millions of other positions that are way more beneficial and even comfier to use when sitting down casually wherever and whenever.

Why is it a universal sitting position?

For both psychological and physiological reasons, people frequently sit with their legs crossed at the knee. Although the act of crossing legs might be regarded as a power move in some circumstances. Such as commerce or politics, it’s a taught behavior that becomes habitual.

It has always also appeared to be a more elegant sitting position for both men and women. Most people have been taught that it is a polite position to learn. But little did they know that this „polite position” can cause more damage than good. People sitting cross legged might indicate either relaxation or defensiveness. Actually, if you observe someone sitting in this manner at a meeting it could mean multiple things. Such as they’ve emotionally disconnected from the discourse. They tend to remember fewer specifics of what was said, which makes persuading them to accept your point of view more challenging.

So why is it bad?

I don’t want to bore you with all the science so let us jump straight to the point. Your whole skeletal composition is connected. Meaning that one pain point can lead to another and then spread the destruction along. You could believe that by crossing your legs at the knee, the only part of your anatomy that is at risk is your knee. This posture, however, might put a strain on your hips, pelvis, and spine. A constant strain on your joints will do damage the same way anything you strain breaks

For example, a plastic ruler, once you strain it seems bendy enough. But the more pressure asserted the more the probability to snap. Yet the joint will not snap instead over time this can lead to inflammation of the joint and sciatic pain. In time sitting like this can form into even more dangerous cases such as developing scoliosis.

How should I sit instead?

A habit is hard to unlearn so that’s why you should take it to step by step. Every time you catch yourself sitting crossed legged remind yourself of the consequences. Seeing a person sitting cross legged or even a relative or friend could be hard so make sure to let them know as well.

Instead, sit with your back glued to the back of the seat and maybe with your palms on your thighs. That way you cannot move your leg and place it over the other.

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