[adsense300gray]It’s summer, well almost, and if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t care about things, well, you should get yourself a pair of titanium sunglasses. You know, titanium, just like that metal used in the SR 71 Blackbird, the metal of all metals, almost indestructible, almost impossible to kill the bastard. Well, there’s a company with a weird name, Shwood if memory serves, who offers a cool an interesting pair of titanium made sunglasses with a cool retro-chic design and a price tag of just under $200. This is actually Shwood’s   first pair of sunglasses with a titanium made frame, but they got it right from their first try, and that’s something I tend to admire. Because it’s rare for first timers to hit the nail on the head, if you know what I mean.  The frames are manufactured using a single flat sheet of titanium (vacuum plated) and the lenses are Carl Zeiss, maybe the best in the world.






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