How often do you dream ? Or, should I say, how often do you think you dream and what do you dream about ? Do you remember all of your dreams ? I think that I’m speaking for everyone when saying that I usually forget what I dream about even if I seem to have a very clear image of it immediately after I wake. Well, during the day, even if I plan on talking about my sometimes creepy dreams with my friends, unfortunately, I forget all about them and they’re lost until I see or hear something that instantly reminds me of what I have been dreaming at some time.

[adsense300gray]Well, this issue has been taken care of by Hunter Lee Soik, the founder of the Shadow Community of Dreamers and also the guy who brought the Shadow into the world, a clever, unique alarm clock that comes to the rescue of your dreams, preventing them from being lost after you wake up. It does that by waking you up gradually with its escalating alarms and when you’re up, you can record your dream by writing it down or speaking it out loud. Also, with its actigraph,  it’ll be able to learn about your sleep patterns.

If you want to know more about yourself and gain access to your inner-self through a very small window, the Shadow application is here for lending a hand. Dreams can really offer a lot of information about someone, I just hope that you guys don’t find out that you’re nuts or something like that.