rolls royce

Since 2009,  the Rolls-Royce Ghost has outsold the brand’s flagship Phantom – kind of odd, considering the fact that a ghost is in no way better than a phantom, conceptually speaking. However, seeing this, Rolls-Royce moves The Ghost into the 2013 model year with a bunch of „subtle but meaningful enhancements”. Which is corporate talk for „it looks the same but hey, an extra button was added on the dashboard!” If you’re thinking of buying one of these babies, note that the prices went up $7,050 for the standard model, to $260,750, and $6,400 for the long-wheelbase car, to $300,100 from the start of 2013. 

Oh, and as a bonus, Rolls-Royce is preparing a coupe based on the Ghost sedan, called the Wraith. Honestly, someone should just let these guys make their own video game already.