Ah, shaving. The one activity that every man hates to start on. However, brushing your hand against fresh shaved skin is godly awesome. Many times, we struggle to find a proper shaving machine. More blades isn’t necessarily the answer. Instead, looking for a tested design and quality materials will get you far.

Rockwell Model T is an adjustable razor. Since not everybody has the same skin type and hair length, one razor can’t cover all the bases. However, if you can adjust your razor, that’s a whole new league. Model T allows you to do exactly that, via a well placed rotating dial.

Here is the thing about multi-blade cartridges: they pull hair and create bumps. If there is just one blade, there is no hair to pull on. The dial on Rockwell Model T has low values for sensitive skin and higher values for coarser hair. Just spin to your desired value and start shaving.

Rockwell’s current Kickstarter campaign offers 100 spare razor blades within the gig price ($99). On average, that should be enough for about two years. However, if you need more, another stack of 100 blades will cost you just $10. That’s quite a deal; at least it’s cheaper than multi-blade cartridges.

There will be men who prefer electrical or cartridge shaving. Still, you should try wet, classical shaving once in a while, even just for the sake of it!