You walk on to the stage to loud applause. All the lights are on you and your guitar. You take your position at the mike as anticipation hits fever pitch. Everyone wants to hear you play. But you have to fine tune the strings before you can start. The audience waits and waits. 

With the Roadie 3 automatic tuner, you can rock away as soon as you stand on stage.

Roadie 3 Rockstar

The experts may still prefer fine tuning their precious instruments with their own hands. For the rest of us, the Roadie 3 is a godsend. In fact, it is a handy upgrade on the Roadie 2 that released a few years ago. The new version sports a cleaner look and a more stylish aesthetic. It is easier to navigate as well with simplicity the key element. 

All you have to do is attach it to the tuning peg; the Roadie 3 then works its magic. With new-age vibration sensitivity, the tuner adjusts the string to just the right tension.

A faster motor means that whole process is completed in a matter of seconds. You can choose from over a 100 different customised tunings, which means one thing: Experiment and more experiment. 

The Roadie 3 retails for $129.